5 Best Heat Guns for Candle Making ( Our top picks )

5 Best Heat Guns for Candle Making - Suffolk Candles


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If you have been in the candle-making business for a while, you must be familiar with the term “heat gun.” For those of you who are new in this crafty journey of making candles, a heat gun is a versatile and helpful tool that lets you shape your candles with precision and accuracy.

What looks more or less like a hairdryer, a heat gun solves a variety of problems that candle-makers face every day, like wet surfaces and cracked lines. They are available in a lot of different shapes, sizes, and models, and if you are wondering how you can choose from the best heat guns for candle making, you have come to the right place.

Today, we will have a look at the top five heat guns in the market, how they work, their uses, and how to pick the best one for your candle-making venture so that you can make the right choice. So, let’s begin.

Applications of Heat Guns for Candle Making

Candle makers have been using heat guns for a number of purposes. Here are the typical applications of heat guns in candle making procedures:

  • Removing tiny imperfections

Candle making is a delicate job requiring a great deal of perfection and accuracy. A dedicated candle-maker would never approve of a candle that has even a little bit of imperfection and try to make them as smooth as possible. That’s where heat gun candles come in. A heat gun allows you to solve minor problems like removing the air bubbles or making the top surface flawless for the final product.

  • Making containers for candles

Anyone who knows the candle-making process will be aware of the chances of shrinkage when you pour the candle into the containers. The temperature variations between the liquid wax and the container can cause them to shrink and leave wet spots. But not if you use a heat gun to maintain the temperature of the container. The heat gun will keep the container's temperature steady while you pour the mixture into it and get the perfect result.

  • Cleaning candle-making supplies

Using heat guns for candle making is not the only thing crafty candle-makers do; instead, they use them to do an even more difficult job: cleaning the supplies afterward. When you pour the mixture into a utensil to add scents, it hardens and sticks around its walls, making it a mess to remove. Fortunately, if you have a heat gun, you can quickly melt the residual mixture from the utensils and then wipe them clean using a paper towel or a cloth.

Selection Criteria for Choosing the Right Heat Gun

Once you learn how beneficial heat guns for candle making can be, you cannot resist buying one immediately. However, to make sure you are purchasing the right one for your candle making adventures, here are the top things you should consider in each heat gun:

Temperature Range: The temperature range of a heat gun tells you where you can use it. For example, a higher temperature range is suitable for heavy industrial level jobs, but if you need one for heat gun candles, 1000 degrees F or a lower capacity will work.

Fan Speed: The fan speed determines how much area would be covered with the heat from the gun at a time. Candle making process doesn’t require a heat gun with heavy fan speed because candles are small and don’t need heat at a greater surface area.

Safety Precautions: This feature of heat guns is essential to consider because when you are dealing with something that emits up to 1000 F of heat, safety is vital. Look for heat guns with surface stands and thermal cut-out switches to stop over-heating.

5 Best Heat Guns for Candle Making

Now that everything is clear about heat guns, let’s have a look at the five best heat guns for candle making so that you can make your decision.

  1. SEEKONE Heat Gun

heat guns for candles

SEEKONE is a durable and robust heat gun that provides you the benefit of dual temperature features ranging from 120 F to 1200 F.

It comes with different style nozzles, which can be used to adjust flow and the direction of heat.

SEEKONE heat gun has a solid grip and 1800 watts power supply, offering two airflow settings and extra protection.


  1. Black and Decker HG1300 Heat Gun

heat guns for candles

It is an excellent option for those who make candles as a hobby because of its lower temperature range which is 750 F to 1000 F.

It has a supportive surface handle, ensuring no accidents occur during the process.

The intricate design and comfortable grip of the Black and Decker HG1300 Heat Gun make it ideal for everyday use.


  1. Wagner Spraytech Heat Gun

candle heat gun

Wagner Spraytech Heat Gun has two fan speed options, making it easier to use in the candle-making process.

It works great in removing the imperfections in candles with its broad range of temperatures from 750 F to 1000 F.

This heat gun has a strong hook on top and a corrosion-free nozzle, making it perfect if you plan to store it for a while.


  1. EnerTwist Heat Gun

what heat guns are good for candles

If you need strict control over the heated area, EnerTwist Heat Gun is made for you with its three-speed fan.

You can use this heat gun for more than just candle making because it has nearly nine settings for its temperature.

The power cord of this heat gun is long enough that you don’t have to be restricted to a particular area for your candle-making process.


  1. Ginour 2000W Heat Gun

cheap hot air gun candles

Ginour Hot Air Gun is a professional for peeling paint, bending pipes, lighting coal, shrinking PVC, removing rusted bolts, bending and molding plastics and defrosting.

1.Great power of 2000W to accelerate your work.

2.Two adjustable temperatures: 350 ℃, 250L / min, 550 ℃, 550L / min.

3.It comes with 4 nozzles and other accessories: scraper and putty knife.

4.Soft, non-slip plastic handle provides a comfortable grip.

5.It is equipped with an integrated support that provides greater stability.

6.1.8m (5.9ft) cable to expand the use, additional storage hole for easy storage.

This is a great option for some one on a budget, packs a punch, durable and above all cheap!


Heat guns are valuable assets to add to your candle making workroom. They are affordable, easy to use, come in a variety of options, and most importantly, have so many uses. We sincerely hope this article helps you buy the ideal one from the best heat guns for candle making.