Are essential oils safe to inhale?

Are essential oils safe to inhale?


When it comes to candles, reed diffusers and essential oils, we all have our favourite scents and fragrances. Apart from keeping up the perfect scent in you home, they are also super cosy and can function as great decorations. However, the question of safety comes up pretty often in connection with these home appliances. In this post we’ll see everything you need to know about essential oils. So, let’s see whether essential oils are safe to inhale and use!

How to use essential oils?

To begin with, it is worth knowing what your options are when it comes to using essential oils. Firstly, you can use an Aroma oil diffuser which is very common. There are different types, but the most popular ones are either ultrasonic, evaporitic or the ones which use heat. While the ultrasonic ones are the most modern options, some people still use the ones which require heat. Also, evaporitic ones are pretty popular too since Reed diffusers became easily available.

Another option would be to use certain oils on your skin. In this case, most likely you will add the specific essential oil to a carrier. Most often, it would either be a lotion or massage oil depending on how you would like to use them. Either way, paying attention to the correct dilution ratio is crucial. With too much essential oil, you can easily end up with an irritated or too dry skin. Lastly, it is a must-known fact that certain oils – such as citruses – can make your skin sensitive to sun so it is best to avoid before sunbathing.

Last but not least, you can add essential oils to your bathing water and have a relaxing bubble bath as well.

Are essential oils safe to inhale?

After seeing the basics, let’s talk about the health concerns. As with most things in life, the question of health effects will come up eventually. If you ever wondered whether it is safe to inhale essential oils, the answer is yes. Generally, it is safe to inhale essential oils, so you don’t have to be afraid of health concerns. However, some people can have breathing issues or mild allergic reaction from certain types of essential oils. Therefore, it is safer to use essential oil diffusers in a well-ventilated area and to regularly have breaks.

Health benefits

When choosing the right essential oils, inhaling them can improve your sleep quality, appetite and help you relieve stress. Furthermore, certain essential oils are known for having anti-inflammatory and immunity booster effects. Lastly, some essential oils can help you boost your energy and mood. If you wish to use them for certain health problems, it is inevitable to learn more about the specific oils and its effects.


Altogether, using and inhaling essential oils are safe to use as long as you keep in mind the general suggestions on dilution ratio, quantity and frequency of use.