Are Soy Candles Toxic To Dogs?

Are Soy Candles Toxic To Dogs?


Buying or receiving beautiful scented candles as gifts is always great for candle lovers. They smell amazing, look so cosy when lit and can bring a unique atmosphere to your home. As much as we love these candles, there are a few things to keep in mind when using them. Apart from the obvious fire hazard risks, you might want to consider your pets, namely your dog. As there are some information available on the topic, it’s worth knowing whether soy candles are toxic to dogs. So let’s see what you should take into consideration.

Are scented candles bad for dogs?

The first thing that you should know is that scented candles can be bad for your dog. The reason behind it is the added essential oil which can be irritating for them when inhaling. These are only true for a few specific oils – same as with certain fruits or vegetables – but not all of them. Therefore, the best solution is if you avoid using candles which contains these added oils. Below, you can find the list of these essential oils:

  • mint

  • eucalyptus

  • tea tree

  • cinnamon

  • winter green

  • peppermint

Furthermore, it is obviously dangerous for your dog to eat a candle left on the table unsupervised. This goes for all candles, regardless the ingredients used during the making process. So, you have to keep in mind to never leave a candle out in those rooms where your dog is allowed and can be left alone with it.

Are soy candles toxic for dogs?

Apart from the special scents and essential oils, there might be some questions about the other main ingredients. Luckily, when it comes to the most natural soy wax, it has no harm on your dog’s health. The reason is that they produce no particulates when burning, which is also the reason why most candle makers opt for this version instead of the unhealthy paraffin option. With soy wax, you can avoid all released toxic materials, such as formaldehyde, acetone or carcinogens which are released when using paraffin candles. So the conclusion is that unlike paraffin, soy candle is safe for you and for your loved pet as well. By using soy wax or buying candles made of soy, you can avoid all health concerns and use your candles peacefully.

But keep in mind that the fire hazard and the risk of your dog eating the candle are still valid issues!

After all this information, you might be afraid to light a candle at home. There is no need to worry, you simply have to follow the given tips and guidelines when using candles at home. Alternatively, you can choose other options as well. Firstly, instead of scented candles, you can opt for plain and unscented ones. This can make it less irritating for your dog. Secondly, if you want to stop using candles altogether, you can always choose LED candles instead. There are really amazing ones out there which can really make the same atmosphere as a regular one.