Are Soy Wax Candles Bad For Dogs

Are Soy Wax Candles Bad For Dogs

It's no surprise that dogs and other pets are drawn to the sweet aromas of scented candles, just as humans are. Dogs have a keen sense of smell and may be drawn to the enticing aromas of the delicious-smelling candles scattered throughout your home.

But, before you get too worried, candles do not pose a significant health risk to dogs in general. While it's best to keep candles, especially lit ones, out of reach of your pet, some candles can help eliminate foul pet odours and provide a variety of other benefits ranging from aromatherapy to enhanced relaxation.

"Are candles bad for dogs?" you may be wondering. The short answer is no. If you're concerned about having an open flame near an energetic dog, you have other options for keeping your space smelling super sweet and welcoming.

Candles and Essential Oils

While most scents used in candles aren’t harmful to dogs or other pets, some scented candles and air fresheners, including plug-ins and aerosols, may contain aggravating or hazardous ingredients. Some of these products may emit artificial fragrances that aggravate established respiratory problems such as asthma in humans and pets, as well as harmful toxins such as naphthalene or phthalates. In some cases, phthalates released by burning candles were suspected of disrupting the endocrine system, leading to other significant diseases like diabetes and cancer.

Another substance that can cause sensitivities in humans and pets is essential oils, which are used in some air diffusers and scented candles. Several essential oil variants should be avoided if you have pets in your residence, as they have been shown to be harmful to the health of your pet. Eucalyptus, tea tree oil, wintergreen, pine, peppermint, camphor, and clove are among the oils used. Depending on the concentration of the oil, even a few droplets can cause illness, including vomiting, diarrhoea, seizures, depression, and other symptoms. Some oils may cause temporary allergy symptoms or a cough even when diffused.

Soy Wax Candles

Although some scented items should be avoided for the sake of your and your dog's health and safety, candles made with a natural soy wax blend, and 100% cotton wick are completely safe to use, as they provide a smooth long-lasting burn. 

Soy wax burns cleanly and produces little to no airborne particulates when used in accordance with safe candle-burning practices. And these wonderful candles can help remove odours from your dog's coat while also leaving your home smelling clean. An open flame, and any candle should be kept away from happy dogs' tails to avoid knocking them over and causing a fire.

If you're worried that a strongly scented candle will irritate your dog's sensitive nose, try burning it in an airy room to prevent irritating your dog's eyes and nose.

In conclusion, if you enjoy burning candles or diffusing scented oils in your home, you can fill your home with lovely aromas without risking your dog's -or any other pets- health, if you take the necessary precautions. We hoped this article helped solve any of your queries.