Best 5 Thermometers for Candle Making! ( Our top picks )

Best 5 Thermometers for Candle Making! - Suffolk Candles


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People have been making candles for centuries, which is truly an art form.

The process of melting down the wax and pouring it into a mould or container can be delicate and requires precise temperatures to ensure the perfect candle is made.

The candle-making process can be complicated if you do not have the right tools. A good candle wax thermometer is one of the most critical and often overlooked tools.

It would be helpful if you had a more reliable thermometer than a kitchen thermometer to get accurate readings when making candles.

When making candles, having a thermometer at four different points in the process can be extremely helpful. You will need to measure the heating, melting point, additive, and pouring temperatures.

Without a thermometer, making candles can be pretty challenging as you will not be sure when to move on each stage in the process.

There are different types of thermometers, each with its precision level and capabilities. If you want to ensure you are completing each step of your process at the optimum time, consider which kind of thermometer would be best for your needs.

This article will discuss the best thermometer for candle making and why it is vital to use one.

  1. Etekcity Infrared Thermometer

Etekcity offers a variety of models to suit your needs.

Etekcity Infrared Thermometer

The 774 model is a non-touch temperature gun handy for candle, soap, and pizza making, among other purposes.

The battery on this device lasts a long time due to its efficient design and the auto-shutoff feature that kicks in after a few seconds of inactivity. You can count on this product to keep going when you need it most.

Its laser beam functionality allows you to measure temperature from a distance with reasonable accuracy (2 degrees) up to 36 cm.

The temperature range it covers is -50 to 380 Celsius, and it features easy switching between Fahrenheit and Celsius.

  • Pros

This thermometer is perfect for those who want to get accurate temperature readings without all the fuss.

The reasonably sized backlit LCD screen and simple controls make it easy to use, and the contactless design means there's no need for messy clean-up.

  • Cons

These thermometers often give inconsistent readings because they only measure surface temperature.

  1. Yacumama Digital Liquid Thermometer

Yacumama Digital Liquid Thermometer

The Yacumama Digital Thermometer is a practical and reliable thermometer that would be a great addition to any kitchen. The thermometer body is made of solid plastic, and the stainless steel 5-inch probe takes fast and accurate temperature readings within seconds. The Yacumama Thermometer has three buttons:

  • an on/off switch,

  • a button to change from Fahrenheit to Celsius, and

  • a button to lock the current temperature.

The digital display is small but easy to read. The thermometer is accurate and affordable, making it an excellent option for anyone wanting a simple candle-making tool.

  • Pros

The product is extremely simple to use, with an IPX7 waterproof rating. It is easy to clean and maintain with a well-built plastic body and a 5-inch stainless steel probe. Accurate and fast temperature readings are another great plus for this product!

  • Cons

The plastic body is a little flimsy and feels lower quality than some of the other options on the market. Some people have issues with the battery suddenly dying unexpectedly.

  1. Rubbermaid Instant Read Food Thermometer

Rubbermaid Instant Read Food Thermometer

The Rubbermaid Food Thermometer is an excellent choice for those who prefer something more traditional. The thermometer dial displays the actual temperature candle wax. You can read temperatures between 0-220°F, which covers the temperature range of candle making. The long probe is easy to clean, and the shatterproof glass lens allows the thermometer to be long-lasting and dependable - precisely what you want when candle-making. This thermometer is always accurate and reliable, thanks to not needing batteries to work. You can also calibrate it to ensure long-lasting accuracy, so your candles will be perfect every time!

  • Pros

The durability of this product comes from its stainless-steel construction and shatterproof lens. You do not need batteries to make it work, and it is NSF certified.

  • Cons

Some customers have found that the thermometer does not reflect an accurate reading immediately.

  1. ThermoPro TP03 Digital Thermometer

ThermoPro TP03 Digital Thermometer

The ThermoPro TP03 Thermometer is an excellent choice for candle making, thanks to its accuracy, speed, and convenient design. This thermometer is about as easy to use as it gets- with only an on/off button, a button to change between Fahrenheit and Celsius, and a button to fold out the probe. This thermometer has a folding probe that can be stored away efficiently, which is helpful for storage reasons and to ensure the probe doesn't get bent or broken while not in use. Additionally, you won't have trouble reading this thermometer's display as it is both clear and backlit.

  • Pros

The temperature reading device is easy to use. You can take accurate and fast temperature readings with the backlit display. The foldable design makes it easy to store.

  • Cons

The probe on this model is only 3.9 inches long, which may not be ideal for everyone. Additionally, the plastic body doesn't seem to be of the highest quality.

  1. DOQAUS Digital Meat Thermometer

DOQAUS Digital Meat Thermometer

The Doqaus Digital Meat Thermometer is perfect for those who want to make candles at home. You'll get an accurate reading in under three seconds, and it can pick up on temperatures between -58-572°F. The clear and reversible display allows you to read the temperature from all sides, and the large LCD screen means you can even read the temperature in the dark if needed. The sensitive and long food probe made from 304 stainless steel can be inserted into the candle wax for an accurate reading at the temperature, so your wax never has to overheat!

  • Pros

The foldable probe on this device guarantees maximum protection, while the 3-second readout provides users with quick, accurate results.

  • Cons

It would be best if you cleaned this thing with a damp cloth - it's not waterproof.



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