Best types of eco wax to use when making candles

Best types of eco wax to use when making candles - Suffolk Candles

When designing and making candles choosing an eco friendly wax can be daunting but with a little research you will find the perfect candle wax for your candle creations.

Beeswax Candle Wax

Beeswax candle making is one of the most natural forms of candle crafting and burning. There are many benefits associated with beeswax candles including: they can burn longer than other candle waxes, they are non-toxic & organic. Beeswax is an old form of candle candle making. Today's candle-making has come a very long way from the early candle makers and candle development. Before beeswax candle waxes, candles were made only with tallow or oil.

Soy Candle wax

Soy candle wax is one of the most popular types of wax used in candle making today. Soy candle waxes burn brighter and longer than other types of candle waxes, such as paraffin candle wax. Because soy candle wax burns cleaner and longer it is one of the most preferred candle candle making options on the market today.

Soy candle manufacturing is similar to beeswax candle manufacturing in that no nasty man made chemicals are used in the candle candle making process. It's a natural candle candle making product that is derived from soy beans and then processed into wax. Benefits of soy wax are that it is sustainable because its a by-product of soy beans which are a renewable resource. Soy candle waxes generally possess very little colour making them appear slightly off white when melted down into candle candle wax which is a great look for candle makers.

Another positive aspect of soy candle candle wax is that it doesn't produce any soot or other harmful substances when burned.

Coconut wax

Coconut candle wax is another popular wax. Coconut candle wax candle wax generally has a slightly pearly look to it due to its unique fatty acids, so it's a great choice for candle makers who want an opaque white. One of the benefits of coconut wax is it doesn't require the same temperatures of soy wax when creating a candle, once hot you can pour it straight away. It's also a renewable resource, so it doesn't wreak havoc on the environment like paraffin does. However, one of the major drawbacks is that it's not as readily available as soy wax, however you can find a few options online

Rapeseed wax

Rapeseed wax is made from the leftover oil that's been extracted after creating canola oil. It has a very neutral smell, so it doesn't influence the scent of your candle in any way making it a great choice for candle makers who are trying to create a scent of their own. It does set extremely hard and will need mixing with other waxes or additives.