5 Best Wick Trimmers of 2023

Best Wick Trimmers


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Do you love an occasional candle-light dinner at home? Well, if you are a candle-lover, you might want to keep reading because we are going to introduce you to wick trimmers. A wick trimmer is a sleek but useful scissor-like tool that keeps your candles neat and even. 

Wick trimmers are used to keep an ideal wick length and to avoid messy end-of-life candles. Even candle-makers use them to cut the wicks to an appropriate length during the delicate candle-making process.

Although it is a simple tool, there is much to consider when buying your first candle wick trimmer. Today’s article will look at how useful a wick trimmer is and how it works, along with our top picks for the five best wick trimmers of 2022.

Let’s get to it!

Benefits of Wick Trimmers

Wick trimmers prove very useful for candle enthusiasts who love to collect and light their candles regularly. Here are the top benefits you can get from the right wick trimmer:

  • Ideal length of candle wick

Candle wicks are supposed to have a certain length, typically between 1/8 to ¼ of an inch. Using one of the best wick trimmers, you can easily adjust your candle wick when it burns.

  • Prevention from soot

Have you ever noticed that your candle jar becomes black as you light it? Well, it means you are not taking care of the wick. Wick trimmers help you prevent that smoky residual and soot produced when a candle burns unevenly due to an untrimmed wick.

  • Candles living their full life

A regularly trimmed wick can make your favourite candle last longer and live its full life before coming to an end. When you leave your candle wick unattended for a long time, it melts the candle roughly and makes it messy and unclean.

  • Brighter candle flame

With the best wick trimmers, you can expect your candles to burn more brightly and give a clear light. That’s because when you trim the wick, it becomes shorter and produces a flame that is neater, brighter, and clearer.

How to use a wick trimmer?

Many of you might not even be aware of keeping your candle wick at the right length, let alone know how to do it correctly. But no worries, we are here to explain how to use a wick trimmer to get the best results.

The first thing you need to do is wait for your candles to be at room temperature after you burn them. Hold your wick trimmer in your hand using its long handles, and position its blades around the wick of your candle.

When you cut off the wick, a small tray is attached to the wick trimmer that will collect the trimmed wick. It is one of the reasons wick trimmers are better than simple scissors or nail chippers; they don’t have anything to catch the discarded wick. For safe and clean burns, always remove excess wax and wick residual from the candle before lighting it again.

If the wax in your candle jar reaches as low as ½ inches in length, you need to say goodbye to that one and buy a new candle. It is recommended to trim your candle wick before every burn. Try to keep them as long as ¼ of an inch for ideal use and safe flame.

5 best wick trimmers of 2022

Whether you want a wick trimmer for décor on your living room shelf, or you need it to trim the wicks of your beautiful candle collection, be sure to make the right choice. Following are the five best wick trimmers available in the market:

  1. Calary Candle Wick Trimmer Set

best wick trimmer

If you are not ready to spend too much on the best wick trimmers but need one for your candles, we suggest the Calary candle wick trimmer set. In this set, you get a durable and rust-free wick trimmer, a dipper, and a snuffer. The beautiful rose gold colour of all three items in this candle accessory set offers an aesthetic appeal and gets the job done right.

  1. Yopay Candle Wick Trimmer

wick trimmers for candle makers

Are you looking for the right balance between modern and affordable for your wick trimmer? If so, go with the Yopay candle wick trimmer, and you wouldn’t be disappointed. The black matte finish of this stainless steel trimmer makes it look chic and luxurious without a pricy tag. With its round handles and sharp blades, the Yopay wick trimmer is the first choice of many candle lovers.

  1. Fumaolon Wick Trimmer 

wick trimmer guide

If you are looking for something that gives more of a vintage vibe, this should be your pick. The Fumaolon wick trimmer is one of the unique styles among the best wick trimmers. It is made of stainless steel and comes in shiny golden colour, with its brand name engraved on its slim handles. The best thing about this wick trimmer is its cool design and bonus 4 in 1 set: snuffer, trimmer & dipper.

  1. WICKMAN Candle Accessory Pack

wick trimmers for candles

WICKMAN candle accessory pack is a perfect gift for your friends who love candles as much as you do. It comes in a lovely gift package without being too costly. The plus side of buying this accessory set is that you get a dipper and a snuffer alongside a sturdy wick trimmer. If you are not interested in the whole set, you can always purchase a WICKMAN wick trimmer separately.

  1. Diptyque Candle Wick Trimmer

candle wick trimmers

This wick trimmer belongs to a luxury brand in the candle industry and might sound costly to some of you. But if you are already a Diptyque candle collector, it doesn’t make sense not to get this designer-made wick trimmer. Crafted from high-quality stainless steel, Diptyque Candle Wick Trimmer gives you true value for your money with its light weight and corrosion resistance.


Wick trimmers are essential tools with an aesthetic appeal to them. Now that you have our recommendations for the five best wick trimmers of 2022, you can choose according to your budget, needs, and style.