Can Candles Help With Depression

Can Candles Help With Depression

We all know that lighting our perfect candle can immediately make us feel better. It is one of the best way to relax after a long day at work. It can make a relaxing bubble bath perfect as well as a romantic dinner perfect. But can candles help with depression? This question is truly interesting and has some scientific background as well. Let’s see what we know about the topic.

Why are candles so relaxing?

First of all, let’s see why candles are so relaxing. The scientific background is based on the fact that burning scented candles can effect mostly the mood-related parts of your brain and your memory. Therefore, if you choose scents which can remind you of a relaxing scene or time, it can actually trigger your brain activity as well. It can help you feel more calm and peaceful, which can also have positive impact on your breathing, pulse and blood pressure.

Can candles help with depression?

Now we see how it can help you relax after a tiring day at work. But does this mean that it can actually help you with depression? Let’s see!

There have been a few studies aimed to figure out whether certain aerotherapeutics elements can help with anxiety and depression. This means studying the effects of candles, scented candles as well as certain essential oils. Obviously, it is hard to make conclusions from one study, but their findings were quite positive. They found that certain scents – especially from a few types of herbs – can actually help lowering blood pressure and pulse as well which can help you relax more easily.

Therefore, if you choose the right types of candles, that might help you fight depression, stress and anxiety. But for hat, you need to know which are the best candles for this purpose.

What candle to choose to help depression?

What candle to choose to help depression?

Lavender scented candles can help you relax the nervous system thus helping your emotional state, mood swings and panic attacks as well. Overall, it can help you calm down physically and emotionally too.

Citruses can have a very positive effect when it comes to anxiety and depression. Scents such as lemon, orange or grapefruit can easily reduce stress and improve your mood. With a refreshing scent, it can make you feel more energized and with that, more happy.

Chamomile has been used for stress and anxiety in the form of tea for ages. It can help reduce physical symptom like feeling sick or dizzy and can calm your stomach really quickly. Similarly, it can do wonders if you light a chamomile scented candle just as easily.

The scents and effects mentioned above can vary based on your own experience and memories. Sometimes, a completely different scent can trigger a personal memory which calms you down instantly. This is why it’s worth experimenting before you choose the best scented candles to make you feel peaceful and calm.