Can jesmonite be used for candles?

Can jesmonite be used for candles?


Being eco-friendly and making environmentally conscious decisions have never been more important than in the recent years. Choosing natural ingredients and trying to minimize your effects on our nature is something you can build into your business process as well. Not only can you choose soy wax instead of paraffin, but you can choose more sustainable accessories when it comes to candle jars and holders. A great alternative can be jesmonite as the question is becoming more and more popular whether it can be used for candles. Let’s see what you need to know!

What is jesmonite?

First things first, for those of you who haven’t heard of it just yet, jesmonite is pretty popular in recent years when it comes to home décor, DIY projects and several types of arts. To go more into details, it is a mixture of gypsum (type of mineral) and water-based resin, creating a sustainable and eco-friendly material. Also, it is considered easy to use compared to some still popular alternatives.

It is used in home décor as you can make trays, vases and bowls from it, as well as in architecture as sometimes they make table tops or tiles out of it. In connection with these ways of use, it is worth mentioning that this material is durable and safe.

Can it be used for candles?

Now that we know the basic features of this popular material, let’s see whether jesmonite can be used for candles. Well, the answer is yes. As some types of jesmonite is heat and flame resistant, you can easily use this material as candle holders. They are decorative jars so they will fit perfectly for your candles, no matter whether they are simple white or coloured.

You can either simply purchase jesmonite candle jars or if you feel like you are up for some more creative work, you can even make them at home. Either way, they are good choices, especially since you can re-use them. After the candle is burnt, you can easily clean the jar and refill it!

Pros of using jesmonite

There are several reasons why it is a great option to use jesmonite as part of your candle making process and business.

Firstly, it can be a great addition to your business mission or vision. If you are operating an eco-friendly and natural candle making business, jesmonite is a perfect addition to it. As it is made of natural ingredients, it is considered a safe and environmentally friendly option.

Secondly, there are endless variations that you can make or purchase. With this, you can create more unique and personalized candles for your customers. For example, you can choose more colourful jars for your pretty white candles which is just a perfect match! And for your colourful candles simply choose an elegant or minimalistic black or grey jar. It’s just amazing!

Based on all the advantageous features of jesmonite, it is a great choice for your candles. Now, you only have to decide whether you would like to simply purchase them or enjoy the creative process of making them yourself. Either way, you won’t regret it!