Can You Use Soap Dye For Candles?

Can You Use Soap Dye For Candles? - Suffolk Candles


When it comes to candle making, there are several methods, ingredients and ways of doing a certain process step. You can choose to make paraffin, soy, palm or beeswax and you can choose from several scents, sizes and shapes. No wonder why there are so many how-to questions regarding this topic. One of these common questions is how to dye your homemade candles. In this article I will let you know whether you can use soap dye for candles.

So, if you want to make your candles more unique, you might want to be creative with the colours as well as with the scents. With all the DIY projects you can find, you might feel like experimenting a little with the different methods and ingredients. And that is not a problem, as it is a great hobby resulting in amazing homemade candles. Unfortunately though, using soap dye is not a great option for candle making. The simple reason behind it is that the glycerine in the soap dye won’t dissolve and mix well with your wax. As soap dye is water-based, it will have a rather poor result with the dye separating and causing a splotchy result. Apart from the obviously not desired look of the candle, using soap dye is also dangerous as glycerine is flammable. So you should never add it to your candle wax.

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But then what options do you have for colouring your candles? Well, you can find many colorants which are actually designed for candle making. These usually come in four different forms: chips, blocks, powders and liquids. Let’s see how each of those work.

Dye chips are great because you can simply measure the required amount by determining the volume of wax which you are using. It is very easy to use as you can simply drop them into your wax in the beginning of the process. Also, they are better for pastel colours. Dye blocks are harder to use as they are prepared to use for bigger amount of wax – but in case you are making a larger batch, it is a great option. Besides, they result in a more vibrant colour. Liquids are the most concentrated as a few drops are enough to reach a very intense colour. It is even easier to use as you can add it in the beginning of your process or simply at the end. And finally, dye powder is also pretty concentrated, a very small amount is enough for really vibrant colours. However, they don’t come in as many shades as the other three forms.

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Regarding the quantity, always stick to the manufacturer’s instructions and for the best results, make a test sample first.

All in all, there are a variety of colorants specifically designed for candle making, so it is definitely a better and safer option. If you are a hobby candle maker, dye chips will be enough for you. However, for mass production, powder or liquid is a better choice. Either way, you should definitely stay away from soap dye.