Candle smells too strong

Candle smells too strong

Sometimes, the scent from a candle can seem overwhelming. A high concentration of fragrance oil is often to blame for this potent aroma. This article will guide you through ways to reduce the intensity of your candle's scent, making your home more comfortable.

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Key Takeaways - candle smells too strong

  • Excessive fragrance oil is often the cause of candles smelling too strong; aim for a balanced ratio with the wax to avoid overpowering scents.
  • To lessen chemical emissions and strong smells, use candles made from natural ingredients like soy or beeswax, and ensure good ventilation when burning them.
  • Smaller or cooler series wicks can help control the release of scent from a candle, reducing its intensity without affecting its overall performance.
  • Placing candles in open areas and using unscented varieties are effective strategies for managing strong candle odours in your home.
  • Storing scented candles in a cool, dark place helps maintain their fragrance quality and prevents excessively strong aromas when lit.


Reasons Why A Candle May Smell Too Strong

my candle smells too strong

Candles may smell too strong due to an excessive amount of fragrance oil, which can lead to an overpowering scent. Additionally, chemical emissions from the candle and wick issues can also contribute to the strong smell.

Too much fragrance oil

Using excessive fragrance oil in candles can lead to an overpowering scent that overwhelms the senses. Manufacturers might add a higher concentration of perfume to ensure the aroma is noticeable when burning, but this can cause olfactory irritation for some people.

A strong whiff of these aromas may not only be unpleasant but could also contribute to headaches and allergic reactions.

To prevent an irritating candle scent, it's essential to balance the amount of fragrance oil with the wax used in candle-making. Overpowering candle scents often result from misjudging this ratio, leading to excessive fragrance that lingers even after extinguishing the flame.

Scented candle creators should aim for subtlety; a gentle aroma enhances rather than dominates a room’s atmosphere.

Chemical emissions

Scented candles can release chemical emissions into the air when burned. These emissions, such as volatile organic compounds (VOCs), can contribute to indoor air pollution and may cause health issues.

To reduce exposure to these chemicals, opt for candles made from natural ingredients like soy or beeswax, and look for products that are labelled as VOC-free or low-VOC. Proper ventilation during candle burning is also essential in minimising the impact of chemical emissions.

Furthermore, consider using candles with essential oils instead of synthetic fragrances to minimise exposure to potentially harmful chemicals. By making informed choices about the candles you use, you can create a safer and more enjoyable environment without compromising on ambiance or fragrance.

Wick issues

Wick issues can contribute to a candle emitting an overpowering fragrance. If the wick is too large, it can cause the candle to burn hotter and release more scent than intended. Likewise, if the wick is made from a material that doesn't properly absorb the wax or maintain a consistent burn, it may lead to uneven scent release and chemical emissions.

Checking for these wick-related problems can help reduce the strong smell of your candles.

If you suspect wick issues are causing your candle to smell too strong, consider using a smaller or cooler series of wicks that will provide better control over scent release. Ensuring that your candles are equipped with high-quality, properly sized wicks can significantly improve their performance and reduce any unwanted odours associated with burning scented candles.

How to Reduce the Strong Scent of Candles

How to Reduce the Strong Scent of Candles

To reduce the strong scent of candles, consider using a special extinguisher or cover the candle with a lid, using a smaller wick or cooler wick series, allowing for proper ventilation during burning, placing candles in open areas, using unscented candles instead and storing them in a cool, dark place.

Use a special extinguisher or cover the candle with a lid

To reduce the strong scent of a candle, consider using a special candle extinguisher or covering the candle with a lid. This will help to quickly and effectively stop the release of fragrance from the burning wick, reducing the overall smell in your space.

By using a special extinguisher or lid, you can prevent excess fragrance oil from evaporating into the air, helping to control and minimise the overpowering scent often associated with scented candles.

Consider using a smaller wick or cooler wick series

If you're still struggling with a candle that is emitting too strong of a scent, another effective solution to consider is using a smaller wick or cooler wick series. This adjustment can help in regulating the fragrance release and preventing an overpowering smell from your candle.

By opting for a smaller or cooler wick, you can effectively manage the rate at which the fragrance oil burns and thus reduce the intensity of the scent.

It's important to note that by making this simple change, you may notice a significant improvement in controlling the strength of your candle's aroma without compromising its overall performance.

Allow for proper ventilation during burning

Ensure proper ventilation during burning to reduce the strong smell of scented candles. Opening windows and doors will help dissipate the fragrance and any chemical emissions, thereby minimising the overpowering scent.

Adequate airflow also prevents the build-up of strong gas fumes from the candle, making it less intense while still enjoying its aromatherapy benefits.

Open windows or use fans to create a steady flow of air when burning scented candles. This simple step can significantly decrease scent retention in your living space, providing a more pleasant experience without compromising on ambiance.

Place candles in open areas

Keep the air flowing around your candles by placing them in open, well-ventilated areas. This helps to disperse the scent and prevent it from becoming too overwhelming, creating a more pleasant experience for everyone in the room.

When looking to reduce the strong scent of your candles, proper placement is crucial. Now let's explore another effective method for managing candle odors.

Use unscented candles instead

To minimise overwhelming candle scents, consider using unscented candles instead. These candles are free from added fragrances and can provide a gentle ambiance without overpowering smells.

By opting for unscented options, you can still enjoy the warm glow of a candle without any strong or artificial aromas.

Replacing scented candles with unscented varieties is an effective way to reduce strong smells in your surroundings. This simple switch ensures that you can still benefit from the cosy atmosphere that a burning candle provides, but without the overpowering fragrance that might be unpleasant to some people.

Store candles in a cool, dark place

After considering using unscented candles instead, it's essential to store scented candles in a cool, dark place. This helps maintain the integrity of the fragrance and prevents it from becoming overwhelming.

Storing candles away from direct sunlight and heat sources can also prevent them from melting or emitting strong odours.

Keeping scented candles in a cool, dark location will preserve their scent for longer periods and ensure that they are ready to be used whenever you need them. It also reduces the risk of the fragrance oil evaporating quickly, which could lead to an excessively strong smell when the candle is lit.


In conclusion, reducing a candle's strong scent is possible by using an extinguisher or covering the candle. Consider using a smaller or cooler wick series to alleviate the strong smell.

Proper ventilation and open placement of candles can help minimise the overwhelming fragrance. Storing candles in a cool, dark place could also help reduce their strong scent.


1. Why does my candle smell too strong?

The scent of your candle may be too strong due to excessive fragrance oils in the wax or chemical emissions from scented candles.

2. Can I reduce the scent of a candle that smells too much like fuel?

Yes, you can try cutting down the wick before lighting it up; shorter wicks usually result in reducing candle scent that is similar to strong gas fume smells.

3. What should I do if my scented candle's smell isn't noticeable when burning?

If your candle's scent is not noticeable, it might be because of issues with the scented candle wick; make sure it’s long enough for proper burning.

4. How can I remove a strong candle smell from my room?

To eliminate a powerful odour left by your candles, ventilate the space well and consider removing the smelling source until things clear out.

5. Is there a way to get rid of an eliminating scented candle without wasting it when its aroma is overwhelming?

You have options like placing the lit irritatingly fragrant item in a larger area or mixing its use with unscented candles to balance out and thus reduce excess fragrance.