Candle warmer vs Burning regular candle

Candle warmer vs Burning regular candles


If you are a big fan of scented candles, there is a good chance that you have a wide selection of fragrances at home. This is no wonder if we consider how great a candlelit dinner can be with your favourite candles. Based on how popular candles are, you can always find something new to make the experience even better. The newest trend is the candle warmer. Some people are already using it, but many of us haven’t even heard of it. If you represent the latter group, this post is for you. Let’s see the differences, pros and cons of the candle warmer compared to burning a regular candle.

What is a candle warmer?

A candle warmer is a pretty new trend. The point of this small device is to let the scented candle diffuse its fragrance by heating it up – but without burning it. Most of the time it looks like a small desk lamp under which you can put your candle. You simply have to plug in, and it will start melting the top of the candle. Most of the candle warmers out there can easily be used with regular candles that you can find in stores or already at home. However, there are certain types which work best with wax melts. This is only to make to warming process quicker. Either way, you should always check the manuals to check the suggested candle size. Now, this might sound a bit strange for some people, but there are pros when it comes to using a candle warmer.

Why is it so popular?

First of all, the biggest advantage is that it is a lot safer method than actually burning a candle. With the candle warmer, you can avoid open flame and safety hazard in general. This also means that you can use it around smaller kids and pets without worrying about them. Furthermore, unlike burning candles, you don’t have to constantly keep an eye on it, and you can actually leave it alone in your room.

These features already make it pretty comfortable to use, but there is one more great advantage. As it is simply warming the candle and not burning it, your favorite candles will indeed last longer with this method.

But then why choose regular candles?

If all the above-mentioned pros made you question why you should still use candles, let’s see. The most obvious reason is the atmosphere created by burning a candle. We have seen several gadgets willing to replace candles but none of them has ever succeeded. The reason is that nothing can make up for the perfect mood of a candle flame. The biggest candle addicts will agree with the fact that when you want a cozy night on the couch or a lovely dinner, the flickering light of candles can set the perfect mood.


All things considered, both traditional candles and candle warmers can be used for your favorite scented candles. The main differences are the safety aspects as well as the importance of the mood given by candles.