Enhance the Look of Your Candles with Mirrors!

Enhance the Look of Your Candles with Mirrors!


Using the perfect scented candles can be addictive. For many people, it is the best way to relax and a must-have item for bubble bath and movie nights. For some of us however, they are mostly used for decoration. This is no surprise, as you can find basically all types of candles at the selection. The range of colours and sizes are practically endless, and you can also choose marbleized, matte or extra shiny candles as well. But there is one more trick which can help you in this. Let’s see how to enhance the look of your candles with mirrors!

How to choose the best candle for decoration?

Let’s start with the basics! Which candle to choose for decoration? It can be overwhelming to choose from hundreds of candles in the store. First of all, you definitely don’t have to spend more on scented candles if they will only be used as decoration. Unscented candles usually cost less so you can save some money or buy more and place it in more rooms.

Secondly, it is worth figuring out the place of the candles. When you decided how many spots in the house you want to decorate with candles, you can start putting the decoration together in your head. To create nice combinations, it can be nice to choose different sizes. Two small candles on the sides of a bigger one would look great on your coffee table. Otherwise, you can also choose candles of the same size, but in different colours. Make sure to choose matching colours to make them look good.

How to use mirrors?

Now, here is the fun part. Even though candles are great decorations, you can always use some small mirrors to enhance the look of them. The basic idea is that by reflecting the candles and the flame, the effect will be even better. So if you place a bigger mirror behind the candles, that can cause a really amazing effect. The reflection of the flames will be magnified and it will result in a lot more light. It can also make the whole decoration more cosy and elegant.

Let’s see how tod o it. You can place a standing mirror on your coffee table in your living room or on your dresser in the bedroom. After that, you have to choose two-four candles depending on the size of the mirror and the candles. In this case, choosing candles of the same size would be a better idea.

When you choose the mirror, it is good to choose a neutral colour when it comes tot he mirror frame. White, black or grey are all good options. This way it won’t draw the attention from the candles.


As you can see, this trick can really elevate the atmosphere you are creating with your candles. Also, it is pretty cheap and only takes 5 minutes to create it. Isn’t it amazing? Make sure to try it next time you light your candles!