Handmade candle holders

handmade candle holders

handmade candle holders

When it comes to using candles, everybody has different habits and reasons for enjoying them. Some people use candles for special events, others use them on a daily basis. Most people are choosing candles as they can create a cosy atmosphere at home. However, also quite a few people choose to use candles as decorations. This is understandable, as most candles are coloured and decorated in various ways. One of the easiest way to turn a candle into a decoration is to choose ones with unique candle holders. As a well chosen candle holder can make all the difference, you might have to spend some time finding the best ones. Alternatively, you can also make your own candle holders. If you’ve ever thought of this idea, this article is definitely for you. We collected amazing candle holder ideas, DIY projects and possibilities for you. Let’s see together what options you have.

Making your own candle holder


As you can imagine, by making your own candle holder is truly a great idea for the creative ones. Firstly, you can actually personalize your candles and candle holders to match the interior design of your home. You can create ones which fit the colour palette of your rooms as well as the overall style. Also, this way you can also make ones based on your own needs and practical expectations. Lastly, it can also be a great hobby and pastime activity. For more creative people who love candles, making candle holders is actually a relaxing and creative hobby.

diy candle holders

Here are some great ideas for DIY candle holders:

  1. Mason Jar Candle Holder: Use a clean mason jar and paint it with your favourite colour. Then, wrap a thin wire around the neck of the jar and hang a small charm or bead from it. You can also add some sand or small pebbles in the bottom of the jar to give it a unique look.

  2. Wine Bottle Candle Holder: Cut the bottom off of a wine bottle and sand the edges smooth. Then, decorate the outside of the bottle with paint, stickers, or decoupage. Place a small tea light candle inside the bottle to create a warm and cosy atmosphere.

  3. Twig Candle Holder: Collect some small twigs and glue them together in a circular pattern. You can also add some small flowers or leaves to the twigs to give it a natural look. Place a small votive candle in the centre of the holder and enjoy the rustic ambiance.

  4. Seashell Candle Holder: Gather some seashells and glue them together in a circular pattern. Then, place a small tea light candle in the centre of the holder. This candle holder is perfect for a beach-themed party or a summer wedding.

  5. Wood Slice Candle Holder: Cut a slice of wood and drill a hole in the centre. Then, place a small votive candle inside the hole. You can also decorate the outside of the wood slice with paint, stencils, or wood-burning techniques.

  6. Concrete Candle Holder: Mix some concrete and pour it into a small mould. Then, place a small tea light candle in the centre of the holder. You can also paint or decorate the outside of the holder with acrylic paint.

  7. Tin Can Candle Holder: Clean an old tin can and decorate the outside with paint, stickers, or washi tape. Then, place a small tea light candle inside the can. This candle holder is perfect for a rustic or farmhouse-themed home.

Candle holders made of glass


Using glass as candle holders has the biggest advantage of all, being super safe. With a candle holder made of glass you definitely don’t have to worry about fire hazard due to choosing the wrong method. Although you might have a bit fewer option, you can still find super creative and fun DIY projects. Below you can find some great ideas which you might want to try.

First of all, you can look around in the kitchen and can easily find several options for making glass candle holders. One of the most popular and diy candle holder is to use a wine bottle as one. Wine bottles are widely popular when it comes to interior design, so no wonder that many creative projects use them. When it comes to candle holders, you can use wine bottles with taper candles. You can decorate the bottle or just leave it plain, it is great either way.

Similar idea would be to use jars as candle holders. With that, you can have a bigger flexibility as you can choose tealight candles or slightly bigger pillar or votive candles as well. Also, as they are smaller, you might be able to decorate them more easily. One of the really popular ways would be to spray paint on them You can choose practically any colours, matte or shiny with glitters. This way, they can be perfect matches for every room in your house.

Candle holders made of wood


The second most popular option would be making candle holders of wood. I know what it sounds like: fire hazard. That is perfectly true. In case you decide to use wood, you definitely have to be extra careful to avoid accidents at home when lighting a candle. However, if you do it properly, you can make the most amazing cosy candle holders by using wood. Let’s see what options and creative ideas you might choose from.

First off, you can basically recycle wooden pieces from around your household. For example, if you have scrap wood from old furniture's, those can make perfect base for any candle holders. If you have smaller flat pieces, you can put a few on top of each other in order to make a bit taller holder. Or if you have larger cubes, that is even better. Either way, you will have to drill small holes for your candles. These ones might look best with taper candles, but feel free to choose other types as well.

Secondly, it is also an option to actually choose real wood. You can find several possible options, but the most spectacular would be to use smaller logs of wood as the base of the wooden candle holder itself. This is a project which requires a bit more experience and some special tools, but it is still doable. With a handsaw or a small drill, you can quite easily cut out small holes for the candles on the top of the logs. This option is especially nice in case you have a more rustic interior design with several natural materials. You can either use tealight candles or small votive candles.

Candle holders with air dry clay


DIY projects with clay are widely popular. They are super fun to be creative with and you have endless option. When it comes to diy project or making candle holders, air dry clay might be a nice option if you feel like being creative. As they can offer great flexibility, this is the best option if you tend to be out of the box creative, as you can make literally anything of them. Another benefit is using air dry clay is fairly easy, so you can create several candle holders pretty simply.

You can create ones which resemble a general jar candle, or more special ones with cookie cutters or silicone baking moulds. So make sure to look around when thinking about the base for the mould. Some people might choose to go with the simpler options, but you can also purchase special moulds for the project. After creating the holder itself, you also have the option to decorate it or paint it. With these various methods you can truly make candle holders which fit your ideas perfectly.

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Other DIY ideas


Lastly, there are just a few supplies and more ideas which are more popular in general. This is nice as you can find simple tutorials for each of them, so you don’t have to figure out the whole process on your own. You can choose the ones which require the simplest tools or ones which you already have at home. However, most of the tools and equipment's can be found in any regular hobby store so feel free to choose any of them. The DIY ideas listed below usually use household materials which are pretty common in most homes. So there is a good chance you don’t have to purchase anything before starting.

Wine cork


Using wine corks is a popular way of making homemade candle holders. As most people enjoy having a glass of wine at the end of a long day, or at least during special occasions, wine corks can be found in most kitchens. Therefore, it might be a good idea to stop throwing them away and use them for creative projects such elegant candle holders such as this one. Using wine corks for candle holders provides more options for you. Some people simply decorate the side of one bigger candle with the small corks. However, slightly more popular option would be to fill up a glass jar or bowl with corks and place a candle in the middle of it. In this case however, as with using wood in general, fire safety is crucial. So you have to make sure to create a steady base for the candle to avoid any accidents when lighting the candle.

Wrapped with rope


Another simple idea which doesn’t require any special tools. You will simply need a longer piece of natural rope which will be used as the base. It is worth using a more natural one to create a nice atmosphere. You can simply wrap it around a pillar candle and it is good to go. If you feel like it’s a bit too plain, you can decorate with some natural things, such as cones or shells.

Covered with lace


Covering your candle holders with lace is also a popular option. You will only need hot glue, and a bigger piece of lace which you can cut to the right size. Alternatively, you can also cover a glass jar in lace and use that as a candle holder. Not only will this make a really nice decoration, but also it will cause the shadows to be really unique around the candle too.

Decorated with leaf


To stick to the more natural ways, using leaves is also a nice option. Similarly to the lace option, you can use them to decorate a plain jar which can function as a candle holder.

Resin candle holder


Last but not least, we can’t finish this article without mentioning resin. As it has become widely popular in recent years, obviously resin is the number one choice when it comes to any DIY projects. The great thing in resin is that you can make the most unique ones. However, be prepared that the ingredients are not so cheap – thanks to being so popular.


All in all you can see that making your own candle holder is a great way to be more creative at home. You can choose to go with simple projects which don’t require you to buy several things beforehand. Alternatively, you can choose the more unique ones such as using epoxy to create resin candle holders. Whichever option you choose, the result will be a unique candle holder which matches your own home décor and style perfectly.

Frequently asked questions about handmade candle holders:


Q: What are some benefits of making your own handmade candle holders? A: There are several benefits to making your own candle holders, including:


  • Customization: You can create a candle holder that perfectly matches your decor style and personal tastes.
  • Cost-effective: Making your own candle holder can be a more cost-effective option compared to purchasing a pre-made one.
  • Creative outlet: Making a handmade candle holder can be a fun and creative activity that allows you to express your artistic side.
  • Eco-friendly: You can use recycled or upcycled materials to create your candle holder, reducing waste and helping the environment.


    Q: What are some potential drawbacks of making your own handmade candle holders? A: There are a few potential drawbacks to consider, such as:

    • Time-consuming: Depending on the complexity of the design, making a candle holder can be a time-consuming process.
    • Skill level: If you're not experienced with crafting or DIY projects, you may find it challenging to create a high-quality candle holder.
    • Limited resources: If you don't have access to the necessary materials or tools, it may be difficult to create the candle holder you envision.
    • Safety concerns: When working with materials such as glass or hot wax, it's important to take safety precautions to avoid injury.


      Q: What are some common materials used for making handmade candle holders? A: There are many materials you can use to create a handmade candle holder, including:

      • Glass or Mason jars
      • Wood
      • Tin cans
      • Clay or ceramics
      • Metal wire or mesh
      • Seashells or other natural elements
      • Concrete or cement


        Q: Do I need any special tools to make a handmade candle holder? A: The tools you'll need will depend on the materials and design of your candle holder. Some common tools you may need include:

        • Glue or adhesive
        • Paint or markers
        • Scissors or a utility knife
        • Drill or hole punch
        • Wire cutters or pliers
        • Safety equipment (such as gloves or goggles)


          Q: Are there any safety considerations when making a handmade candle holder? A: Yes, safety should always be a priority when working with materials such as glass, hot wax, or power tools. Be sure to read and follow all instructions carefully, wear appropriate safety gear, and keep your work area clean and organized to avoid accidents.

          In summary, making your own handmade candle holder can be a fun and rewarding project that allows you to create a personalized piece of décor. However, it's important to consider the potential pros and cons, as well as any safety considerations, before starting your project.