How do scented candles work?

How do scented candles work?

Most people enjoy lighting their favourite scented candles to make a cosy evening even better or enjoy a relaxing bath after a long day. Choosing your favourite scented candles can be a habit, based on just a hunch or by researching all the different scents. Whichever you choose, it is worth knowing how scented candles work. This will help you choose the perfect candle for every occasion.

Key Takeaways - How do scented candles work?

  • Scented candles release pleasant aromas by heating wax and essential oils, which then vaporise and spread fragrance molecules into the air.
  • To get the best scent throw and ensure your candles last longer, store them in a cool place, trim the wick before use, avoid long burning times, and keep away from drafts.
  • Select scents that suit your personal preference and consider room use when choosing a candle to create the desired atmosphere in different spaces of your home.
  • Always burn scented candles safely by keeping them away from flammables, never leaving them unattended, using stable surfaces for placement, ensuring good ventilation, and utilising snuffers or lids to extinguish them.

How are scented candles made?

Scented candles are made almost the same way as regular candles. That means that you will need a wax of your choice, a wick and a jar if you choose to make a jar candle. Depending on the wax type, there is a certain melting and pouring point that you have to be really careful with. When the wax is melted, you have to add your choice of essential or fragrance oil to the mixture. After that, you can wait until the wax reaches the pouring point and you can pour it into the jar or your mould.

How do scented candles work?

Similarly to the candle making process, there is no big difference when it comes to how they work either. As we call, you need the triangle of fire which is oxygen, fuel and heat. By lighting your candle with the wick, the wax will start melting due to the heat. With that simple step, the fragrance molecules will start evaporating leaving the cosy fragrance you chose for your candles. The fragrance molecules can come from either essential or fragrance oils.

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Essential or fragrance oil for scented candles?

It is worth mentioning that you can choose between essential and fragrance oils when you are making scented candles. The difference between the two is really simple. While essential oils are made of one specific plant only – like lavender or cinnamon -, fragrance oils are combinations of different fragrances, such as Christmas or Ocean fragrance oil. This also means that fragrance oils are made with the use of synthetic ingredients, whereas essential oils are completely natural.

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Fragrances and notes

Lastly, when it comes to how scented candles work, there is a specific area of information worth knowing. That is the different fragrance notes which will greatly determine the scent of your candle. When it comes to notes, there are three different ones: top, middle and base note. Let’s see what they are known for. The top notes are the ones you smell immediately as they evaporate really quickly. This means that it won’t last really long, however this is also the scent that will make your customers fall in love and choose your candles. The middle notes are the heart notes which last longer than top notes and harmonize the top and base notes. Lastly, base or bottom notes are the richest and deepest ones which last the longest. They are not so notable and strong; however, they will linger even after you’ve already blown the candle out.



1. What happens when you burn a scented candle?

When you light a scented candle, the heat from the flame melts the wax. As the wax turns to liquid, it releases fragrance into the air through evaporation, which makes your room smell nice.

2. Can I smell a scented candle without burning it?

Yes, you can still enjoy a scent without lighting the candle; this is called cold throw effect where candles give off aroma even when unlit due to their potent fragrance oils.

3. How should I store my scented candles so they last longer?

Keep your scented candles in cool places away from direct sunlight and cover them to protect against dust – this helps preserve their scent and extends their life.

4. Why does my candle's scent get weaker over time?

Over time, some of the fragrance oil may evaporate if exposed to air or heat too much – that’s why proper storage is important for maintaining your candle's strong smell.

5. Is there any special way to use scented candles safely and effectively?

Use your scented candles by trimming the wick before each use, placing them in safe locations away from drafts or flammable items and enjoy as they gently diffuse delightful fragrances throughout your space.