How To Clean Up Any Wax Spill

How To Clean Up (Almost) Any Wax Spill


No matter whether you are making or using scented candles, they are always amazingly relaxing. There is nothing better than lighting a candle in your living room to create a cosy atmosphere. However, sometimes there are unwanted wax spills on your table or couch. If you have ever experienced this, you know it is not as easy to clean as you would think. So let’s see together how to clean up almost any wax spill.

Removing from Glass

This is the most important part if you are a candle maker. As you might have experienced, it is not so easy to remove the remaining wax from your candle jars. So, to remove wax from glass material, you have three options. The first one would be to freeze the glass first. From the cold, the wax will shrink and will be really easy to scrape. The other two methods would be the opposite as they require heat. You can either heat up the jars with a heat gun or with boiling water. Either way, the wax will melt pretty quickly and will be easy to just wipe it clean and wash the jars.

Removing from Wood

When you have to remove wax from wood, the first step you should do is to harden the wax with an ice cube or an ice pack. This will help you to easily scrape it off with a knife or a sharper tool that you can find at home. Pay attention and be careful to not scratch the surface of the wood with the tool you are using.

Removing from your Carpet

The hardest thing is to remove wax from your carpet, but luckily it is not impossible either. First thing to do is to scrape off all the excess wax that you can. Be careful to not hurt or mess up the fabric. After that lay a cloth or an old shirt over the area and slowly apply heat with an iron. The wax will attach to the hot cloth. Another method would be to apply an ice pack on the area and scrape the frozen pieces from the fabric. In this case, we have to be extra careful to not damage the carpet. So the choice is yours, but both method will work.

Removing from Linens and Fabric Furniture

This is similar tot he one above. Start by removing most of the wax with a non-sharp butter knife. Put the linen between two plain paper sheets. After that, use an iron to heat up the wax on the fabric.

Removing from Painted Wall

To remove wax from painted walls without repairing the whole paint, the best option is to apply heat. You can do that with a blow dryer, after which you can simply wipe down with a soft fabric.

Removing from Leather Furniture

This method will again require heat. You can simply use a blow dryer to warm up the wax. But be careful not to use too high temperature as it might damage your leather couch. It is better to go slowly and wait until the wax is melting. After that, it is easy to remove it from your couch.


As you can see, most of the time heat can be the solution. Sometimes it might take more time, but patience is essential to not damage the surface itself.