How To Explain Fragrance Notes To Your Friends

How To Explain Fragrance Notes To Your Friends


If you are on the path of becoming a professional candle maker, you know that the process requires lot of learning and mastering the processes. You can find a lot of information about the proper equipment, professional quality ingredients and the correct processes. However, there are parts of the topic which are a bit more difficult to understand. This is especially true when you want to talk about your work with your friends. In this article, we are covering the topic of fragrance notes. Let’s see how to explain fragrance notes to your friends.

What are fragrance notes?

If you are already making your perfect scented candles, you must know what fragrance notes are. But to break it down, we have to start with perfumes. As you must have experienced already, when you try a perfume, there are scents which you smell instantly but will fade quickly, while others can linger for longer. This is due to the different ingredients evaporating differently.

This is the base of the different notes as well. The ones which you can smell first are the top notes, the middle notes are the core of the perfume, and the base notes are the ones which lasts longest. Some might compare this to layers which is quite logical and explains the name convention of top, middle and base. Let’s see what you need to know about the three notes!

Top or head notes

The top notes are the ones which can serve as first impressions for the customers. As they fade quickly and they are pretty light, manufacturers usually use fresh and light scents. The most common choices are citrus or fruits. The importance of top notes are based on the fact that these will be the ones which will attract the customers to choosing that specific one.

Middle or heart notes

These notes are the heart of the fragrance, hence the name. This is the foundation which makes up for the most part of the fragrance. Great examples for middle tones would be cinnamon, ylang ylang or jasmine. These are the scents which will linger long enough when it comes to perfumes as well as scented candles.

Base notes

Lastly, the base notes which indeeed last longest. They have to be more rich and heavy, such as vanilla or musk. Base notes will be the ones responsible for the final impression and experience.

Why are fragrance notes important?

When it comes to creating the perfect scented candles, manufacturers have to create a perfect combination of top, middle and base notes. They have to fit perfectly creating a harmonized final fragrance. But individually, they have to have a strong effect on the customers. When you light a scented candle, the top note will be the first thing you smell – the one which will make you keep on using it. The middle note will be the longest lasting scent which will be complemented by the final base note.


Knowing and being able to explain fragrance notes to your friends mean that you will be able to actively use it when creating the perfect scented candle.