How to fix a candle that melted in the car?

How to fix a candle that melted in the car?

How to fix a candle that melted in the car?

When it comes to fixing candles, usually we talk about tunnelling or sinkholes in candles.

However, these are not the only problems you can face.

It might as well happen, that you forgot a candle in the car and it melted partially or completely.

In this article we will show you a few options that could help you fix your melted candle.

Melting point of different wax types

melting point of candle waxes

As you must know by now, candles made of different wax types have different pouring and melting points.

When it comes to a candle accidentally melting, obviously you need to consider the melting point. Soy wax has the lowest melting point of around 40°C, followed by coconut wax with 50°C.

The ones which have a higher melting point are paraffin wax and beeswax with 60-65°C.

From that, we can clearly see that above 40°C there is a great chance that your candle will melt.

This can happen when you leave a store-bought candle in your trunk by accident, or in case you forget a small batch of your homemade candles in the car for some time.

How to fix a candle that melted in the car?

The more important question is not at which temperature they melt, but how to fix a candle that melted in the car.

Well, the answer depends on the situation and the type of candle. If we are talking about anything other than a container candle, there is a chance you can’t fix it.

For example, if you leave a few pillar candles in a box, they are most likely going to be all over the place.

You can still reuse it, but it won’t be as easy. After scraping off and collecting all the wax, you have the option of using it in a wax warmer.

In case we are talking about a container candle melted in an uneven way, you can use a heat gun or an oven to try and fix it. Let’s see all three options.

Wax warmer

After you collected all the remaining melted wax from the small accident, you can easily melt it again with the help of a wax warmer.

These electric tools can really quickly and effectively heat wax melts. After it is melted again, feel free to reuse it as part of a candle making project.


In case we are talking about an unevenly melted container candle, your case is simpler. You can just place it in the oven and slowly melt the whole candle.

Once it is melted, you should check if the wick is centered and safe to use. If that has no issues, you have to leave the container to evenly cool off and cure.

Heat gun

Apart from an oven, you might also have the chance to fix a melted candle with a heat gun – however, it works better with just a slightly unevenly melted candle.

Because if the candle is too uneven, using a heat gun can be quite time-consuming. You can still work with that, but be prepared that it will take some time.


Whichever option you choose, make sure to always check the wick before lighting your fixed candle.

As you know most of the candle burning issues are caused by wick problems, that is part of using a candle in a safe manner.