How to look after your rapeseed & coconut wax candle

How to look after your rapeseed & coconut wax candle - Suffolk Candles

Candles can give a warm, relaxing glow to any room and are lovely to look at. But candle care should be given attention in order for your candle(s) to continue burning effectively and safely. We have gathered together some handy candle care tips so you can properly look after your new candle!


Here are the best methods to look after your candles:

That new candle you've purchased may have a memory of its own.  Candles burn at different rates and have their own personality just as people do. If you are new to candle burning, the candle may 'burn on the blink', which means it burns unevenly or in an unpredictable manner. This is especially true with candles that are made with eco waxes such as soy & coconut. With time, candle will even out and burn nicely, however there are certain measures we can take to improve the overall candle.

Candles can last longer if cared for properly. You want to burn your candle until there's an even melt pool all around the candle. It's normal for candle to melt slightly unevenly especially with soy candles which can have a harder outer shell and are more difficult to get an even pool.  If candle is still burning, but has an uneven melt pool, you don't want to pour off the excess wax as this will cause candle to burn differently and could affect how the candle burns .

As candle burns down, you may notice candle getting smaller at the top to the point candle may become concave. This is normal. If candle has a small flame below wick and begins to smoke, candle will usually extinguish itself. Candle needs oxygen so if too much wax builds up on outside of candle, it can begin to smoke.

Rhubarb candle

Trimming your wick can be done with candle pliers or scissors. It is a good idea to snip candle wick at candle sides a few mm below candle flame so candle can re-melt wax and trap air within candle.

If candle pool ever becomes too small, candle will extinguish itself as there won't be enough oxygen for flame to burn.

To get the best scent throw from a candle ,the candle melt pool should be approximately double candle diameter. This helps candle fragrance travel up candle wick and cling to candle walls, this also increases burning time.

Always burn your candle on an even surface and never leave it unsupervised.