How to make black candle?

How to make black candle? - Suffolk Candles



If you are a beginner candle maker, you might have many questions regarding ingredients, tools and methods. One bigger topic which you have to be familiar with is the colouring of candles. As you know, most candles are scented and coloured which are the best ways for you to make unique and personalized candles for your family or your business. Making colourful candles will give you the option to combine colours with scents to create and capture special moments or feelings. For this reason, you should know how to make black candles or really colourful ones.

Liquid candle dye

One of the most comfortable and practical way would be to purchase a black candle dye for your candles. Liquid candle dyes can be found online and in some supply stores as well, so it’s easy to find. The better quality dyes don’t contain any harmful ingredients so you can still end up with a natural candle. Many are vegan friendly as well. Regarding the amount needed, you will receive an instruction based on the amount of wax you plan on colouring. Most of them should be added to the melted wax and can be used with most wax types such as beeswax, paraffin or soy wax.

Powder dye

Using powder dye is another simple solution as they are also easy to find online or in stores. Similarly to liquid dye, it is also mixed with melted wax and the intensity of the colour will change based on how much dye you add.

Charcoal powder

It might sound strange at first, but you can actually try making a black candle with charcoal powder. However, this technique would be better if you only dip your candle into the black wax rather than making a whole candle of it. But it is a nice twist of a regular black candle.

Tips and tricks to succeed

So after you chose and purchased the desired ingredient, you will have to take into consideration a few things. Firstly, always read the instructions of the chosen colouring ingredient. You should stick to the instructions which will help you decide how much you should add. Also, they might add details on the process as well and the wax’s temperature at which you can add the colouring ingredient.

Secondly, always choose good quality ingredients and tools in order to end up with a good quality candle. If you make it as a gift, I’m sure you would like to give an excellent and perfect candle for your loved ones. More importantly, if you make candles as part of a business, you will have to ensure top-quality products. Not only do you need an aesthetic candle, but you also have to ensure its safety. As a bad quality candle can mean serious safety risks, you have to pay special attention to the details in the process.

Lastly, in order to keep the good quality of your candles, make sure to store it in a dry and dark place, preferable in a closed container.

With these methods and tricks, you will have the chance to enjoy your own black candles, as well as giving them as perfects gifts or products.

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