How to make reed diffuser oil with augeo?

How to make reed diffuser oil with augeo?


As a candle maker, you must agree that scented candles are one of the best ways to make your home smell amazing. Experimenting with the different essential and fragrance oils and creating your own scents are incredibly creative and fun. But what if you could do the same thing in a different way as well? If you are a creative one, you must have heard of making reed diffuser at home. This is a great alternative of scented candles and you can create your own ones at home as well. If you are curious about the process and the required ingredients, this post is for you. Let’s see how to make reed diffuser oil with augeo!

what is augeo

What is a reed diffuser?

First of all, you should know what a reed diffuser is. In case you are not familiar with it, reed diffusers can disperse scent via reeds placed in fragrance oil. The whole diffuser is contained in a vessel or jar, and the reed absorb the fragrance and evaporate it into the air. It is natural and long-lasting solution without any fire hazard. It sounds good, right?

benefits of augeo reed diffusers

Benefits of reed diffusers

  1. Safety: Reed diffusers do not use an open flame, making them a safer option for homes with children or pets.
  2. No heat: They do not produce heat, making them perfect for rooms where heat might be an issue.
  3. Long-lasting: Reed diffusers can last for several weeks, providing a continuous fragrance for your home.
  4. Easy to use: Simply place the reeds into the fragrance oil & carrier base ( in our instance augeo), and the reeds will naturally diffuse the scent.
  5. Decorative: Reed diffusers are a stylish and decorative way to add a touch of elegance to any room.
  6. Convenience: They are a convenient way to fill your home with a pleasant fragrance.
  7. No smoke: They do not produce any smoke like incense or candle which could be harmful for some people or pets.

In summary, reed diffusers are safe, long-lasting, easy to use, decorative, and convenient way to fragrance your home.

Moving on to practical thoughts, it is worth knowing that your reed diffuser will last one month per ounce but this depends on the size and ventilation of your home and rooms. Four reeds should be enough in smaller rooms but double this number for a bigger room. If the scent starts to fade, flip the reeds and change them when you refill the fragrance oil.

How to make reed diffuser?

As you can see, reed diffuser is a great option for keeping your home with a nice fragrance. If you would like to try it, you can easily make your own reed diffuser! Basically, this will be a mixture of fragrance oil and a base which can be your choice. You can choose perfumer’s alcohol with DPG, ethanol with DPG or augeo. They all have their own advantages, but in this post we will see the option with augeo.

Firstly, choose your fragrance oil which you would like to use and measure the required amount based on the size of the room as well as the chosen diffuser jar. Mix it with the augeo base oil which will be the supplement for your diffuser. The ratio should be the following: 10-20% fragrance oil with 80-90% augeo. However, it is advised to check the IFRA document which can confirm the percentage of the chosen fragrance oil. If it’s done, you have to blend and mix the fragrance oil with augeo until you get a clear mixture. It’s easiest if you mix it already in the jar in which you will keep it as a diffuser. Finally, you can add the reeds which can be either fibre, bamboo or rattan.


All things considered, it is safe to say the reed diffusers really are great alternatives to scented candles. It is easy to make with a long-lasting scent for your home. Apart from providing nice fragrance, they are also great for decoration.