How To Put A Candle On A Spike.

How To Put A Candle On A Spike.


Using taper candles for a special occasion really helps add festive cheer to your table. However, there is a reason that taper candles aren’t used more often. When using taper candles, you often find it hard to get the candle upright in its holder. Many companies produce taper candles and holders; thus, there are no one size fits, ensuring that every candle fits every holder. 

However, that doesn’t mean there are quick hacks that’ll allow you to ensure your candle fits in your holder every time. Whether that is using a crafty strip of foil or foam or even some specialty wax designed to hold your candles upright. 

Foil or Foam 

If your holder is too big to fit your candle, using a strip of aluminum foil is the perfect inexpensive and mess-free solution. Cut a strip of aluminum foil 4 inches long and ½ inch wide and fold it to make it ¼ inch wide. Wrap this strip around the base of the taper candle tightly like a ring. Push the taper candle in the holder to make it sit upright. Depending on the shape and size of the candle holder, you may need to take the foil back out and trim it to ensure it’s not visible in the holder. This method works for any type of taper candle and holder. This method also ensures that no damage will occur to the candle or the holder when you switch it out for another. 

A similar method is also used with squishy foam sheets. A tiny bit of squishy foam should be cut out in a circle slightly larger than the base of the taper candle. Place the foam circle atop the candle holder and push the taper candle into it. The pressure should allow the foam circle to slide down into the holder’s base while keeping the candle in place. Foam sheets used for shipping products are ideal; however, thin craft foam can also be used in a pinch. This method is used primarily for taper candles so narrow that they can’t stay upright on their own. 

Wax for Taper Candle Folders 

Another popular method for securing your taper candles within your holders is to melt a little bit of candle wax and drip it into the bottom of the holder. Quickly push the candle into the holder and keep it in place under the wax hardens and the candle can stay upright on its own. While this method works well in most cases, once you remove the candle, a bit of wax will be stuck in the bottom of the holder. If you consider that an issue, you can simply heat the holder with a blow dryer until the wax melts. Once it is heated, merely remove the molten wax with tissue paper. 

Candle Wax Adhesives

Alternatively, candle wax adhesives are also primarily made for holding candles in place. Simply roll a bit of the adhesive between your fingers, and press it into the bottom of the candle wax holder. Press the candle into the holder, positioning the candle upright. The candle will then stay that way until you’re ready to remove the candle. 

In conclusion, there are many different ways to mount your candle onto a spike and ensure it stays upright. We hope this article helped answer any of your queries and remember to practice candle safety at all times.