How To Salvage A Candle That Won’t Stay Lit

How To Salvage A Candle That Won’t Stay Lit


Enjoying your favourite scented candle is one of the best way of relaxing at home. No matter whether it is a part of your cosy movie night or your relaxing bubble bath, it can do wonders. However, only if your candle s good quality. Without that, your candle won’t be burning normally and you’ll experience flickering or other issues with the flame. If you know what I am talking about, this article is for you. Now you can get to know everything about how to salvage a candle that won’t stay lit.

Possible reasons

First of all, it is worth knowing why your candle won’t stay lit. There are three possible reasons, all of them in connection with your wick.

So, the first two possible reasons can be either that your wick is too long or too short. Incorrect length of wick will cause your flame to be unsteady, flickering or will go off constantly. The reason is that the wick is the base of your flame, so any errors with it can quickly cause problems. If it is too long, the melted wax can’t flow up on it which is required for burning. On the contrary, if it is too short, it won’t stay lit. So always make sure to trim your wick tot he adequate length.

The third reason might be your candle tunnelling. This means that in the middle of the candle, around your candle wick, the wax is melting way too fast, thus resulting in a drowning wick. In this case, the excessive wax makes it hard for the flame to stay lit.

As you can see, most of the issues with your candle’s flame is connected tot he wick. This is why it is really important to pay attention to your wick.

How to fix it?

Luckily, the solution is pretty easy. If your candle wick is too long, you should simply blow it, way for it too cool down and then trim it to the right length. On the other hand, if your wick is too short, you have to melt the top of your candle a bit to have some place for the wick. After that, you have to dig out the wick and then light it again. Obviously, before lighting, you have to wait a bit so the top of the candle gets more solid. Lastly, if your candle wick is drowning, you have to dry up the excessive melted wax. After that you have to smooth the candle top to avoid tunnelling again.


All in all, most candle flame problems can be resolved via regularly checking the wick. If you can figure out, what is the actual cause of the problem, it can always be fixed in a few simple steps. With this in mind, you don’t ever have to throw away your candles if you experience that they won’t stay lit.