How to store candle wax?

How to store candle wax? - Suffolk Candles


When you start making your own candles, there are many aspects you have to take into consideration regarding the process. What type of wax and fragrances should you choose, what type of equipment will you need? Storing your candle wax is one of those questions. If you have already had similar questions, let’s see which the right method is. You will have to ensure good quality as well as having safety measures.

Ensuring good quality products

how to store candle wax

When it comes to your wax, obviously the temperature is one of the most important aspect. Storing it in a too hot place will result in your wax melting, but a too cold environment either. Also, it’s good to keep in mind that direct sunlight also has an effect on your candles and wax as it can make them fade and discolour. All in all, it’s best to store them in a cool and dark place.

Some people have a tendency to keep candle wax in the freezer but that’s really not a good idea. Contrary to popular belief, storing them in a freezer won’t make them burn more slowly, it will only result in the candle cracking and splitting. It’s also not a good method to put them in the freezer right after making them in order to set up more quickly. This might result in wet spots, cracked candles or shattered glass containers due to too quick temperature changes.

Proper packaging is also crucial in order to keep your candles from sticking together. Therefore, it is a good idea to wrap them individually. Also, protecting your products and ingredients from getting dust and debris, you might want to store them in containers with lids on them. For that, metal or plastic containers might be the best choice. By putting them in safe containers, you also make their scent last longer.

Last but not least, it’s always important to rotate your stored wax – so always use the oldest ones first before purchasing more. This way you can ensure good quality candles. As you might know, it is best if you use your purchased wax within a year to ensure good quality candles.

Safety aspects

how to store candle wax

Obviously, the most important aim is to keep your wax in good quality to ensure the best products you can make. However, there are also some safety aspects which shouldn’t be ignored. Within your home, you have to be careful with regards to children or pets – so always keep your candle wax out of reach. Even if most wax is non-toxic, you must keep them from being found by your kids or dog. Therefore, keeping them in a container on a higher shelf might be the best option.

As confusing as all these rules and tips might sound at first, if you keep them in mind, you will end up with great quality candles. No matter whether it’s a gift for a family member or a product for selling, the result will be amazing!

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