Is candle wax safe for our skin?

Is candle wax safe for our skin?

The skin care properties of wax have been known for thousands of years, and we may have heard of this type of treatment. But can we use our favourite candle wax to do the same?

Is candle wax safe for our skin?


Different people have different skin types, so unfortunately what our best friend recommends wholeheartedly because it worked for him, may not work for us.

As well as the fact that our skin can be dry, oily, normal or sensitive, different medical conditions (such as eczema and diabetes) can also affect how waxing treatments will affect it. All this considered, generally speaking, candle wax is not harmful to human skin, especially if it is healthy. With all this in mind, there are a few rules we should follow to ensure that cosmetic treatments with candle wax are healthy and do not damage our dermis.

Things to avoid


Certain types of wax have a really high melting point, so they harden before they reach a temperature we can use them on our skin. Among common candle waxes, beeswax and various coconut blends have the lowest melting points, so they may be the most ideal for cosmetic use.

Avoid candles with coloring agents, as these additives often contain natural pigments that can be allergenic, and can cause severe skin irritation even if you didn't know you were allergic to anything before.

It is also good to be careful with fragrances. Essential oils are less likely to cause allergic reactions than oils that are not 100% natural fragrances. If you can, use a scented candle wax that you know for sure contains only a few drops of fragrance, so you can minimize the chance of skin irritation.

Some candle makers also add other substances to the wax with the aim of improving some of the properties of the candle. In the case of soy wax candles, for example, UV inhibitors are often added to the raw material to avoid yellowing, so that the sunlight does not spoil the appearance of the candle.

Before you apply any wax to your skin, make sure you know the exact composition and that you are not allergic to any of the ingredients.

Of course, even the greatest caution may not be enough and you may experience skin irritation when using wax, so it is very important that you always start with a small patch of skin on a less sensitive part of your body and wait a while to experience any negative effects.

If you want to be on the safe side, you can buy yourself candles specifically for massage, made from wax mixed with skin nourishing soft butter to make the experience even more wonderful.




If we are careful, we can use candle wax for wellness purposes without any further problems, but it is important to check the exact list of ingredients before use!