Is Glitter Flammable in Candles?

Is Glitter Flammable in Candles?


All that glitters might not be glitter, but that doesn't mean we humans don't like it anyways, and there's nothing quite like the warm subtle glow of a candle. Thus, it only makes sense that you'd wonder if adding glitter to your candles would be possible. The tiny shimmering pieces of metal/plastic add an appealing charm to any object you add them in, and they're especially popular in all sorts of home decorations, crafts, and even makeup. Everyone loves a bit of sparkle. 

So the question you might be asking is, does making your candles all glittery and sparkly also make them more dangerous? And, could glitter be a potential fire hazard in your home? Read on to find out. 

Regular craft glitter is made from a highly flammable plastic material. Due to the small nature of the particles, the flame has a large surface area to act on, causing them to be highly flammable. Not to worry, though. There are definitely ways to add a gorgeous subtle shimmer to your candles without having to worry about potentially inhaling toxic fumes or increased risk of a fire. 

On average, depending on the material your glitter is composed of, glitter can ignite at about a temperature of 212F or 100C. That's about the same temperature as boiling water, so there is no way you should be adding glitter to your candles with an open flame. 

Suppose you want to add an extra layer of shine or drama to your candles, either within the candle wax itself or just to the outer layer. In that case, you must consider the type of glitter to use. You want to use a glitter that will produce no toxic fumes when burnt, is not highly flammable, and, if possible, bio-degradable and eco-friendly. Luckily specific types of glitter are produced for use in candles. 

Cosmetic Glitter. 

This type of glitter is especially prevalent in all sorts of body art and creative makeup. In addition to being safe on the skin, cosmetic glitter is non-toxic and ultra-fine, making it perfect to use in candles safely, as it is less potentially flammable. With cosmetic glitter, a little bit goes a long way, creating the effect of a bright, sparkling candle. To create drama and unique flair within your candles, you can mix different brands and colours of cosmetic glitter, making a candle that is entirely authentic to you. 

Mica Powder. 

Made from a natural mineral found in rocks, mica has a wide array of commercial uses, from automobiles and cosmetics to electronic products. Creating a bright luster and sheen, mica is a natural glitter that is also widely used in many handicrafts. 

As mica is a very fine powder, the chances of it catching fire when used to make sparkly candles are quite low. However, as with candles and all open flames, there is always a potential risk involved. Thus, use it with caution. Mica is available in many colours and is one of the most flame-retardant options for candle-making

Fine Powdered Glass. 

While fine powdered glass is the most flame-resistant option on this list, it is not the most popular. Fine glass is more suitable to add to the candle's top or bottom instead of the wax itself, as it sinks to the bottom when mixed. 

In conclusion, we hope this article helps you feel more comfortable adding glitter to candles, as there are plenty of options that are flame-resistant and non-toxic. Remember to practice candle safety whenever you use candles and be safe.