Is it safe to put dried flowers in candles? ( The simple truth )

Is it safe to put dried flowers in candles? - Suffolk Candles


As you probably know by now, candle making is a really creative hobby or even business. You can personalize your candles according to your own preference by using different colours, scents or other extras. It is required if you want to make a successful business, as unique and one of a kind products are far more popular in the market. Today, we are going to see how you can put dried flowers in candles. As it is another great way to make amazing candles, you should definitely know the details.

Is it safe?

In general, it is safe to put dried flowers in candles but you need to know how. When it comes to candle making and safety, fire hazard is always the most important factor to take into account. So in order to do it in a safe way, you have to pay special attention for the process itself.

How to add it correctly?

There are two important questions regarding the process: when and where to add the dried flower to the wax. Firstly, you want to avoid simply mixing it into the melted wax as it would make your flowers getting close to the wick. If you place the dried flowers close to the wick, you might risk fire hazard. And that also answers the where question. Instead, the flowers should get close to the side of the candle to avoid coming in contact with open flame.

But how can you do that? Well, start the candle making process as usually. After melting your wax, add the desired fragrance or essential oils and colouring, then pour it in the container with the wick already secured. After that, you can sprinkle your chosen dried flowers around the wax. The important thing is to sprinkle it around the edge of the jar as mentioned before.

Another method would be to place the dried flowers into the container first. You can do that by adding some molten wax on your flower petals and sticking them to the side of the container. After pressing it for a few seconds, they will stay in place until you pour the wax in the container. Lastly, you can add flowers as decoration on the side of pillar candles with similar methods.

Also, you should only add dried flowers when using a large and wide container and never place them on top of the candle. With this two simple rule, you can avoid putting the flowers close to the wick and resulting fire hazard.

Which flowers to choose?

Another important question would be which flowers to use. Regarding safety, there is no difference so you can choose according to your own preference. Lavender and chamomile are great options as they reduce anxiety and stress. Mint or lemon would give a nice natural scent to your candles, so you can go with them as well. Also, adding dried rose petals is one of the most popular choices.

You also have another option, as not only dried flowers, but herbs could be easily added. The same rules apply here as well. Regarding the choices, the most common ones are thyme, sage or rosemary. If you'd like to know more about putting dried herbs in candles, check out this article.