Making candles with coconut wax

making candles with coconut wax

Many people are searching for a more natural and sustainable way to enjoy the warmth and fragrance of a homemade candle. Coconut wax is an eco-friendly alternative that's gaining popularity due to its clean burn and long-lasting scent throw.

In this guide, we'll show you the simple steps to crafting your own candles using coconut wax, offering tips on how to customise them with fragrances or essential oils. Ready? Let's make some candles!

Key Takeaways - Making candles with coconut wax

  • Coconut wax is an eco - friendly choice for candle making, known for its biodegradability and clean burn.
  • It offers a superior scent throw, so candles made with coconut wax can fill a room with fragrance more effectively.
  • When using coconut wax, remember it requires careful melting to prevent texture issues, and it's typically pricier than options like soy or beeswax.
  • Homemade coconut wax candles last longer due to the slow - burning nature of the wax.
  • Customise your own candles by adding a personal touch with various fragrances or essential oils during the crafting process.


Benefits and Drawbacks of Making Candles with Coconut Wax

Coconut wax candles shine when it comes to being eco-friendly. This natural wax is biodegradable and burns cleaner than many other waxes, making it a top pick for environmentally conscious crafters.

Its slow-burning nature means your homemade candles will last longer, adding value to every hour of cosy illumination. Plus, coconut wax has an excellent scent throw; whether you choose essential oils or fragrance oils, the aroma fills the room seamlessly.

However, working with coconut wax isn't without its hitches. It's pricier compared to more common alternatives like soy or beeswax, which might deter beginners from diving in. Coconut wax also requires a careful eye during the melting process – too high heat can cause issues with texture after setting.

Those keen on perfecting their DIY candle-making techniques need patience and practice to master crafting with this luxurious material.

How to Make Candles with Coconut Wax

making coconut wax candles

Gather the necessary materials and measure out the coconut wax and coconut oil. Melt the wax, add the coconut oil, pour it into your chosen container, and mix in any desired fragrance or essential oils for a custom candle-making experience.

Gather materials and measure ingredients

To start making your coconut wax candles, gather the necessary materials and measure out the ingredients. You will need coconut wax, a pouring pot, a thermometer, fragrance or essential oils, wicks, containers for the candles, and a scale to accurately measure the ingredients.

Ensure that you have a clean and organised workspace before proceeding with the candle-making process.

Once all your materials are in place, begin by measuring out the required amount of coconut wax using the scale. Use the pouring pot to melt the wax gradually and maintain temperature control with a thermometer throughout this process.

Melt the wax and add coconut oil

After gathering the materials and measuring the ingredients, it's time to melt the coconut wax. Begin by melting the wax in a double boiler or a heat-safe glass bowl placed over a pot of simmering water.

Ensure that you stir occasionally until the wax is completely liquefied. Once melted, add coconut oil to the mixture and continue stirring until both ingredients are well combined.

This step helps to enhance the scent throw and burn quality of your homemade candles, creating a beautifully fragrant and long-lasting final product.

Pour into container and add fragrance/essential oils

Pour the melted coconut wax and oil into your chosen container while it is still warm. Carefully add a few drops of your preferred fragrance or essential oils, depending on the strength of scent you desire.

Gently stir the mixture to ensure that the fragrance or essential oils are evenly distributed throughout the wax. Allow the candles to cool and solidify completely before trimming the wick and enjoying your beautifully scented, homemade coconut wax candles.


In conclusion, making candles with coconut wax offers a sustainable and eco-friendly option for DIY candle enthusiasts. The benefits of using coconut wax, such as its biodegradability and clean-burning properties, make it an attractive alternative to other waxes.

By following simple techniques, anyone can create their own organic and vegan candles with natural fragrances using coconut wax at home. The versatility and eco-friendliness of coconut wax make it a great choice for those looking to explore sustainable candle-making materials.


1. What is coconut wax and why use it for candle making?

Coconut wax is a plant-based, biodegradable wax that's great for DIY candles because it burns cleanly and pairs well with aromatherapy scents.

2. How do I make my own candles using coconut wax?

For your own DIY coconut wax candles, gather candle making supplies like wicks, fragrances, and containers; melt the coconut wax; add scent if desired; then pour into containers to set.

3. Are coconut wax candles better than soy wax ones?

Coconut wax burns slower and cleaner than soy, giving you benefits like longer-lasting and eco-friendly candles suitable for vegan candle making.

4. Can I find tutorials on how to make coconut-wax-based candles?

Yes, you can follow a DIY coconut-wax-candle tutorial online that will guide you through techniques and tips for organic candle-making with natural waxes.

5. What supplies do I need for starting my own sustainable candle making project at home?

You'll need essential candle-making supplies including plant-based waxes like soy or organic coconut, wicks, dyes, and scented oils to start creating biodegradable aromatherapy candles at home.