Selling Candles from Home

Tips for Selling Candles from Home

If you're wanting to bring in some extra cash, selling candles from the comfort of your own home might be an exciting business idea that gives you the freedom to set your own hours and build your own schedule. No matter where you live or how much money you are ready to invest in this side business idea, the following are helpful recommendations for anyone who wants to get started with candle sales. Have a look at them!

Start with a quality product

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Ensure that you begin with a high-quality product as the initial stage in the process. This requires selecting a manufacturer that creates products of high quality and working with an honest business. Before you make a purchase, you should make it a point to educate yourself about the firm, including its policies and the standard of the goods it manufactures.

You can identify candle producers who sell their wares at wholesale prices by conducting a search online or going to the craft store in your neighbourhood. A good candle company will not only offer excellent customer service, but they will also be clear about their policies and procedures, and they will provide extensive information about their candles. Ingredients, size parameters, dimensional requirements, and flame characteristics are some examples of the specifics that may be included. Candle manufacturers must be able to advise customers on the varieties of candles that are most appropriate for a given event or occasion (e.g., wedding favours).


Create an inviting space

To successfully sell candles, you must invite customers into your location. To accomplish this, you need to make the area look warm and welcoming by using candle displays, candle holders, and other products. When you have the layout of your shop just right, customers will want to look around and even purchase some candles for themselves. In addition to this, people will have the impression that they are unique because you have designed such a personal setting specifically for them. Purchase some candle containers, some candle wicks, some tea lights, and some candles of varying sizes to get started. Then you should stock up on essential oils so that you can make your unique fragrances. You can also make your things if you're in the mood for some extra creative work! Make sure you have a sufficient number of display cases, including some that have good lighting. Make sure you always keep your candles clean and avoid using chemicals when possible. Chemicals give candles an unappealing and unsanitary appearance. Place motivational sayings or phrases on the walls so that clients are constantly reminded of the reasons they should keep coming back.

Have a variety of scents

This is significant because different people have different preferences when it comes to scents! Because the sense of smell is individual to each person, it is important to provide a selection of fragrances to cater to their individual preferences. Candles with a flavour of fruit may appeal to some people, while others may prefer candles with a perfume of wood or one that evokes the holidays. Give your customers a wide range of options, and let them choose what appeals to them the most. One of the simplest ways to achieve this objective is to sell many candles all at once and permit the consumer to select the fragrance that most appeals to them.

Offer samples

It can be quite helpful to sell more candles if you provide samples. For instance, you may have two distinct jars of candles to give customers. If you have a sample of each, it would demonstrate the distinction between the two in terms of aroma and length of burn time. They would be able to get a better sense of the product's texture and see how it appeared when it was illuminated before making a purchase thanks to this feature. By demonstrating to your customers that you have faith in the quality of the things you sell, you can increase the likelihood that they will purchase from you. Always keep in mind that patience is essential while running a home-based business selling candles.

When selling candles, you need to have patience because it can be difficult to tell if someone would appreciate your product simply by looking at photographs of it or reading a description of it. Providing individuals with the opportunity to feel and smell the candles through the use of free samples is the most effective method for determining whether or not someone enjoys burning candles in their house. People may be hesitant to spend money on something without first seeing it, but if they are allowed to sample it for themselves, then there is a greater chance that they will appreciate the candles that they purchase from you.

Use attractive packaging

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Use attractive, professional packaging to convey your brand and make your candles more appealing. The end effect of this will be an increase in sales as well as decreased product damage. When you send your candles out into the world, you might want to spruce them up by packaging them in unique boxes, gift bags, tissue paper, and ribbons. It is not necessary to spend a lot of money on the packaging; rather, spend an hour or two per week collecting items that may be used more than once.


Candles can be decorated by wrapping them in multicoloured kraft paper and twine, or in organza ribbons of varying colours that are tied in a bow and wrapped around the candle. Jars made of glass are another option worth considering if you want to save money while still looking fashionable. Other items that can be utilized to make one-of-a-kind packaging includes ribbon. When you are just getting started, you might want to try wrapping individual candles in tissue paper with a seasonal theme before putting them in a container like a box or a jar. If you want to market your candles, you should think about forming partnerships with local businesses like grocery stores. Not only are they keen to form partnerships with regional firms, but they also offer the perfect environment for harried customers who are looking for one-of-a-kind presents for the people on their shopping lists.


Offer discounts

You may increase the sales of your candles and strengthen your position as a competitor in the industry by giving discounts to your customers. In addition, there are a variety of discounts that you may provide for your consumers, such as buy one get one free or additional items that are included with the acquisition of the main item. The popularity of candles is only going to continue to rise as more and more people come to appreciate not just their enticing aromas but also the relaxing effects that they provide. People who sell candles from their homes can capitalize on this trend by running promotions to entice people to buy candles online or at home parties. These promotions could include discounts or gifts.


Promote your business

Promote your candles on social media channels like Facebook and Instagram. Link to your website or buy advertising space on various platforms that relate to your product. Offer free samples of candles as incentives for people to try it and then share their thoughts with their friends and family. You can also offer your products in packs so they make great gifts.

Use feedback from customers to better refine your marketing strategies. You may need to change the type of candle you sell, if the customer finds it too strong, for example.

Another way to promote your candles is by partnering up with influencers who have large followings in related niches where you want to reach out. You can give them a product in return, or offer them something else mutually beneficial in exchange for promotion. People love to support small business owners, especially if they're supporting an independent artist. If you do decide to use an influencer, be sure that they are genuine and don't spam them because this will turn off potential followers quickly. For best results, you should choose someone whose interests align with your candle brand. A good way to find these people is through hashtags such as #handmade.

Selling candles from home isn't always easy but it's worth it when you see happy customers leaving your store.


So next time you're thinking about selling candles from home consider these tips discussed above to increase sales: Offer discounts, include freebies with purchases, customize your products, use social media marketing strategies like Facebook ads and giveaways and think about using candle subscription boxes.