Soy wax for candle making

Soy wax for candle making

If you love making and using candles, it is always important to know the type of wax that is used for making certain candles. If you are a customer, it has health and environmental importance. And if you are a candle maker, then it is important to know in order to choose the right temperatures, types of candles, and so on. One of the most popular choices nowadays is soy wax so you can easily purchase all the ingredients to make soy candles. In this article you can find everything you need to know about soy wax. Let’s see all the details together!

What is soy wax?

Soy wax is made from soybeans hence this is a vegetable wax. After harvesting the soybeans, they go through a cleaning process. After that, they extract the oil which is followed by hydrogenation. Now, let’s see what are the practical features that you need to know as someone who loves making or using candles.

First of all, as you might know by now, there are many aspects of which we can categorize candle waxes. One of them is the melting point. Well, soy wax has a relatively low melting point which is important to know before you start working with it.

Secondly, it is a natural and non-toxic wax which is really important if you would like to build your brand on an environmentally aware base. Being a sustainable option makes it really popular in recent years when it comes to making or buying candles. So even the largest brands use this feature as a serious marketing tool.

Lastly, it is also completely vegan which makes it different from beeswax, another natural and non-toxic wax option. Being both vegan and sustainable is really important to know.

These features are not necessarily the ones you need to know for the process of candle making, but rather for your branding and marketing activities. They are really strong tools for your branding which is fundamental to build a successful brand.

Why is it a good choice?

First of all, as it was mentioned earlier soy wax is made out of soybeans which is natural therefore environmentally friendly and their resources are renewable. This is really good and an important factor considering the amount of candles burned daily worldwide.

Secondly, soy candles are more efficient because their waxes burn slower than regular paraffin wax so you got a long lasting candle. This is not only good for your wallet, but also has practical benefits. You don’t have to spend as much on candles if your candles have a longer ‘lifespan’. Also, it is much more comfortable to enjoy your candle for long hours rather than lighting a new one every couple of hours. So you can see the upside of that feature!

Another advantage of soy wax is that it burns in a more clean way. Other wax materials are emitting black soot while they are burning, but this is luckily not the case with soy wax. Say goodbye to black marks on your favourite candle jars, on the furniture or on your window. Sounds great, huh?

And of course in the world of scented candles, the best ones are the ones which can carry a stronger fragrance in the most efficient way. Soy wax is famous for carrying the essences and fragrances without necessary additives. So if you are also in love with special scented candles, soy wax is definitely a good choice.

Types of candles

After the basic features and the reasons why you should choose soy wax, you might have already decided to start making candles with soy wax. For that, it is advised to know the types of candles that are best made with soy wax.

Container candles

Container candles can easily be made with soy wax. This is one of the most popular types of candle these days as you can see them among every major candle maker brand’s products. The main reason is that they are super easy to use and also pretty safe. You don’t have to think about putting them on something to avoid wax melting on your favourite coffee table or ruining your tablecloth. With the non-flammable and heat proof container, you can simply light the candle and put it wherever you would like to. It is also really practical that you can relocate them while burning without any problem. No precautions or cleaning is required.

When it comes to the decorative feature of candles, container candles are also the best choices. The jars can usually be found in different shapes, sizes, colours and patterns, you will definitely find the best one for your home. So even when you are not using them, they can work as nice decorations on the shelf.

Tealight candles

Tealight candles are one of the most popular small candles you can find. They are not as widely used as container candles, but they have extra practical use. You can use them in ceramic decorations which require a candle inside or can be used for essential oil burners. So they are essential in most households and can be used in various ways.

Also, similarly to container candles, they don’t leave behind residue as the metal part will prevent that. Therefore, they are really easy and comfortable to use. They are really nice additions to a romantic candlelit dinner and can make your relaxing bubble bath complete. No wonder why they are so popular.

All in all, you can see that soy wax has several advantages and positive features which make it a really good choice. Based on all the information you need to know about soy wax, you can decide for yourself whether it is a good choice for your candle making business. If you decide to go for it, with some practice you will be able to make the best soy wax candles!