Wax melter for candle making – everything you need to know

Wax melter for candle making

 Introduction to Wax Melters for candle making

As a beginner or professional candle maker, you definitely have different needs when it comes to the candle making process. This is true regarding the used equipment as well as the variety of ingredients. However, in every case, there are basic things which you can’t start without. One of these things is the candle wax melter which is the most basic thing you will need for making candles. When it comes to choosing the right one, you have a wide variety of choices. You can find professional ones specifically designed for candle making and some rather homemade alternatives. 

Professional candle melters can be complicated to choose and use at first. In this article, we are covering the best wax melters and everything you need to know about this appliance with the benefits as well as how to choose the best one for yourself. If you are wondering which wax warmer is the best option for you, keep reading!

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What is a wax melter?

what is a wax melter for candle making

Let’s start with the basic! As many people who only take up candle making as a hobby might have not even heard of such a thing convection melter. A candle wax melter is a special machine which is specially designed to melt wax for your candle making process. It is usually made of stainless steel and you can find them in different sizes. When it is melted and comes to exterior, it has a small tap on the bottom which is designed to let the melted wax flow out easily.

In case you consider buying one, it is also worth knowing that in general there are two types. You can choose a double boilers or a direct heating one which is a good option for beginners. Alternatively, you can choose a water jacket melter which works similarly as a double boiler, just in a more practical and easy-to-use way.

A candle wax melter is a seriously useful tool which is usually a prerequisite for every professional candle maker. But why is is so beneficial and important for the candle production process? For that, let’s go over the advantages together.

Why do you need a wax melter?

wax melters for candles

All in all we can say that a professional candle wax melter will make your candle making process a lot easier and faster, so altogether more energy efficient. With this, you can boost productivity and reduce the costs of operation for your business which is a general goal with every business.

First of all, you can find several different sizes which makes them suitable for every special need. No matter whether you have a new, small business, or a pretty large one with a wide range of customers, you will be able to find the correct size easily. Generally speaking, you can find large amounts of candle wax melters from 5 liters up until 25 liters, so you do have a wide range of selection.

Secondly, as it is a stainless steel and specifically designed for this process, it is obviously the quickest way to melt hot wax too. They have a very accurate heat measuring system so that also won’t be a problem. Therefore, they will evenly melt the wax in the pot in a more precise way.

Lastly, because they are made professionally for melting candle waxes, using one is obviously the safest choice out there. The manufacturers pay attention to all safety regulations during the operation of it, and all the safety measurements are detailed in the instructions manual.

How to choose the right wax melters?

picking the right wax melter

After all the advantages, you might decided to buy one for yourself. It is a great choice if you are a professional, as it will definitely turn out to be a good investment. The next step would be to find the perfect one. Of course, some points of view might depend on your special needs, but there are general rules which are worth knowing.

Firstly, it is really important for every direct contact wax melter to have a practical temperature control which is easy to use. As this is the function direct heat melters which will determine how quick and efficient the process is, this is the most important aspect. Make sure to check out the temperature range on the possible products as well as the interface of it.

The capacity is the other most important feature. As we already mentioned above, there is a wide range of wax melters with different capacities as well. The amount of wax that can be melted in it will be dependent on the size of your business. However, in general it might be worth buying a larger one. As one of the main purpose of using a candle wax melter is to make to process of melting wax more cost-efficient, it is obviously advantageous to make bigger amounts.

Apart from the two considerations above, it might be also important to know how easy it is to clean and to store. This is just a matter of convenience but for some people it is indeed an important point of view. However, this shouldn’t be your main aspect when choosing the right one.

Lastly, of course we will take a look at the prices of a wax melter as well. Just because it can make your life easier, it doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune on it. Luckily, they don’t cost as much as you might think at first. Obviously, you can find ones in different price ranges based on the capacity and extra features. But just to give you a rough estimate, a smaller wax melter for candle making with nine-litre capacity would be somewhere around 120-150£ which is not such a huge investment. If you think about it, this is an acceptable price for a professional equipment which can ensure the quality of your sold products.

Benefits of a professional wax melter

  1. Consistent Quality: Professional wax melters are designed to melt wax at a consistent temperature, which helps to ensure that the wax is of a consistent quality from batch to batch.

  2. Improved Safety: Professional wax melters are typically equipped with safety features such as automatic shut-off and temperature controls, which can help to prevent accidents and ensure safe operation. A wax melter for candle making will also hold your melted wax at a required temperature safely too.

  3. Increased Efficiency: Professional wax melters are designed to melt wax quickly and efficiently, which can help to save time and reduce waste.

  4. Greater Capacity: Professional wax melters are available in a variety of sizes, with larger models capable of melting large quantities of wax at once, making them ideal for high-volume production.

  5. Versatility: Professional wax melter for candle making can be used to melt a variety of waxes, including soy wax, beeswax, and paraffin wax, as well as other materials such as soap, chocolate, and more, making them a versatile tool for a range of applications.

So as candle makers you'll want to up your game and get a proper wax melter.

What other options do you have?

wax melter for candle making

In case you are new to the candle making business, or you are a hobby candle maker, you might not need a candle or wax melter for candle making, right away. But the process does begin with melting the wax, so you will need some equipment. What other options do you have then? Let’s see the most common ones you can choose from.

Double boiler

 double boiler for candle making

As we explained above, a professional candle melter operates very similarly to a double boiler. Therefore, it is perfectly understandable that many people choose a double boiler instead. It is basically a bigger pan with two separate compartments which are on top of each other. You have to fill the one below with water, and add the in the one above. After you filled both parts of the double boiler, you simply have to place it on the stove and start heating it. As the water starts to boil, the steam will start to melt soy wax in the wax above. This is how simple it is.

Obviously this method has its own advantages as it is a quick and rather simple option. Also, the biggest advantage is that it can be found in many households as it is a useful tool for cooking and baking. This also means that it is a cheaper option that investing in a professional wax melter. This is understandable in case you are a beginner. However, on the long run investing in a good-quality soy wax melter is the right choice.

Double Boiler F.A.Q

Q: What is a double boiler, and why is it used for candle making? A: A double boiler is a kitchen tool that consists of two pots or pans, one placed inside the other. It is used in candle making to gently melt wax without overheating it or creating hot spots, which can affect the quality of the final candle.

Q: How do I set up a double boiler for candle making? A: To set up a double boiler, fill the larger pot or pan with water and place it on the stove. Bring the water to a boil, then reduce the heat to a simmer. Place the smaller pot or pan inside the larger one, making sure that it does not touch the bottom or sides of the larger pot. Add the wax to the smaller pot, and allow it to melt slowly over low to medium heat.

Q: What types of wax can be melted using a double boiler? A: A double boiler can be used to melt a wide variety of candle wax, including soy wax, beeswax, paraffin wax, and more.

Q: What are the benefits of using a double boiler for candle making? A: Using a double boiler can help to ensure that the wax is melted evenly and at the proper temperature, which is important for creating high-quality candles. It can also help to prevent the wax from overheating or burning, which can affect the colour and scent of the candle.

Q: What precautions should I take when using a double boiler for candle making? A: It is important to always supervise the melting process and never leave the double boiler unattended. Additionally, be sure to use heat-resistant gloves or pot holders when handling the pots or pans, as they can become very hot. Finally, be sure to clean the double boiler thoroughly after each use to prevent wax build-up and ensure that it continues to function properly.

Q: Can I use a makeshift double boiler instead of purchasing one specifically for candle making? A: Yes, you can create a makeshift double boiler by using a heatproof glass or metal bowl set over a pot of boiling water. However, it is important to make sure that the bowl fits securely over the pot and does not touch the boiling water, as this can cause the wax to overheat and potentially start a fire.


 microwave for candle making

Many hobby candle makers tend to simply melt the wax in the microwave. It can be tempting to choose this simple method as you only have to put the melted wax together in a bowl and put it in the microwave. It is super quick and doesn’t require any equipment or preparation. However, this process is really not accurate as you can’t measure the exact temperature during the wax melting pot tank heating process. In case you only make a few candles a year as a hobby, it can be a suitable option, but not really safe and reliable.

Hot plate and oven

 hot plate for candle making

Lastly, melting the candle wax on a hot plate or in the oven are also possible choices. This is usually the choice if you would like to go with the double boiler method but don’t have one at home. As you might have figured it out, you can pretty easily create something similar to a double boiler with the pans. The point is to have them in slightly different sizes. You have to fill the bottom one with water and put the wax in the one above and pour it. As you start heating it, it melts and the effect will be the same as with a double boiler.

Altogether, it is safe to say that investing in a professional and reliable candle wax melter is essential for every professional candle makers and business. Not only will it make the wax melting process go more smoothly, but will also ensure high quality candles thanks to its precise heat measurement. For that, it is literally a small price to pay and will definitely turn out to be a great investment. Don’t forget that high quality equipment and ingredients are the key to making high quality candles. With this option you can say goodbye to the hassles of candle making and focus on the fun and truly creative parts of it.