What is Vybar?

What is Vybar?

What is vybar and how to use it in candle making?


Even for experienced candle makers there are many special methods or little tricks which can help you make better quality candles. Knowing the basic process will let you make great candles, that’s true. But as a business owner, you might want to come up with something unique or extra which makes your candle better than the others out there. In this article, we are showing you vybar which is a great tool for that. Let’s see together what vybar is and how to use it in candle making.

What is vybar?

Vbar is a special additive made of polymer which has many beneficial feature on your candle. Firstly, it can make your candle have a better hot throw, or in other words have stronger scent. This is because vybar allows your wax to hold more fragrance or essential oils without it separating from the wax. Secondly, it can enhance the colouring additives and create increased opacity and gloss with a marbleized surface. Thirdly, you can end up with a harder wax with eliminated cracking and bubbles in it. All in all, it results in a harder, more fragrant and smooth candle.

Which vybar to choose?

Before learning how to use it correctly, you should also know that there are two types of vybar. Vybar 103 is a better option for pillar candles and for waxes with a higher melting point. Vybar 206 on the other hand is suitable for jar candles with waxes that have lower melting point. As you can see, both can be used for different candles and they are not interchangeable.

How to use it correctly?

how to use vybar

If you consider trying it out as an amazing additive, you should know how to use it correctly. You have to add it to your melted wax during the process. The best is to add it when your wax reached the melting point which should be around 185 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, you might want to add vybar before the adding your fragrance oil. This way, the vybar has some time to mix with the wax properly.

Beside that, the most important aspect is how much you actually add as too much can have the opposite effect. The reason behind is that too much vybar can trap the added fragrance and make the process pointless. So, you should add around half or one teaspoon of it per one pound wax. But as all wax is different, you might going to need some testing in the beginning. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try, just start small. If you use it for the first time, you should go with ¼ or ½ teaspoon just to make sure.

If you really want to be accurate getting yourself some scales and weighing the right amounts can be beneficial. We Recommend mixing up to 5% which is around 50g of Vybar to 1 kg of wax. So if you were making a small amount of candles, weighing small amounts with scales leads to a more accurate process.

One important note is that some wax types already have vybar added as an ingredient, so you should always read the label before starting the process.

If you keep all these information in mind, you will definitely end up with amazing candles. Both the scent and colouring will have better quality which will make your business more successful and your customers more satisfied.