Where to Place Your Scented Candles?

Where to Place Your Scented Candles?


When it comes to candles, most people find it difficult to choose from all the sizes, colours and scents. No wonder, as you can find an endless offer in the stores and web shops. However, this is not the only decision you have to make. Finding the perfect place for your candles can also be a bit difficult. If you can also have tough times figuring out the perfect location, this article is definitely for you. Let’s see where to place your scented candles to achieve the best overall picture in your home!

Living room

One of the most popular places for candles is in the living room. As we spend most of our time here, it is logical to place your favourite scented candles here. They can make you feel more relaxed at the end of a long day and enjoy a cosy evening on the couch.

When it comes tot he living room, there are a few common places for your candles. One of the most obvious would be your coffee table. This way, it is close to the couch so your candle will be within arm’s reach. Also, a well placed candle can be a perfect minimalist decoration in the centre of your living room.


The bedroom is also a great choice if you would like to use candles to relax and make you fall asleep more easily. With a well chosen scent, candles can help overcome insomnia and other sleep issues as well as help relieving stress before bedtime.

In this case, the best place for the candle would be on your bedside table. Apart from that, you can put them on your dresser, thus also using them as perfect decorations. However, always keep in mind to not fall asleep while burning your candles.


Using candles in the bathroom is also very common. They can be practical to keep your bathroom smell nice as well as for relaxing bubble baths. You can either put one or two bigger candle on your bathroom shelves, or you can choose to put more small ones on the side of your bath tub.

Important aspects

Regardless of what room you chose for your candles, there are a few basic rule you have to keep in mind. In order to use the candles in a safe way, you can never put them close to objects that can catch on fire. This includes curtains, books, clothing, etc. This is one of the most important aspect which can ensure fire safety.

Secondly, you should avoid putting candles to places where they can experience drafts and stronger air circulation. Otherwise, it can easily result in flickering or too high flames which are unpleasant and dangerous as well.


All things considered, you can easily find the perfect place for your candles in almost every room in your home. The only thing you have to keep in mind is that safety is the most important. So after placing your candle, look around and make sure that lighting it here won’t cause any problems.