Why are candles relaxing?

Why are candles relaxing?

Candles can make almost any romantic moment even more special, but as well as creating a cosy and intimate atmosphere, they can also help you relax and relieve everyday stress and tension. But where do they get this special ability, and in what way do they offer more than just a fragrance?


Candles basically calm us in two ways: with their soft and natural light, and with their aroma therapeutic scent.

The calming candle light


Ever since mankind has been able to make candles, these luminous objects have been associated in our minds with warmth and safety. This association is still strong today, and the light of a flickering candle flame is almost subconsciously reassuring. Unlike most modern light bulbs and artificial light sources, the flame of a candle provides a warm glow similar to sunlight, so it is much less tiring on the eyes and much more conducive to relaxation.

By lighting a candle, we can almost instantly create an environment that helps us to rest, relax and unwind. The flickering light in the dark has for thousands of years provided us with a sense of security in the home that no LED light can provide.

Candles, with the inimitable light and warmth of their flame, are able to give you an experience like no other aromatherapy solution. A reed diffuser or a humidifier with essential oils can't touch a well-made scented candle in this respect.

The calming fragrance


It's not for nothing that scented candles have regained popularity in recent decades. These small and decorative objects are not only good for our mental health through their light, but also through their scent.

Nowadays, there are no end of essential oils and scented candles on the market, so we are sure to find the fragrance that will relax us.

Some of the most common essential oils include lavender extracts, which have been around for centuries and not only help relieve stress and relaxation, but can also alleviate some types of headaches and nausea. If you're looking for a different scent, rose, bergamot, marjoram, jasmine or chamomile are all excellent choices, but if you make your own scented candle, you can even use your own special blend of fragrances.

These fragrances affect the parts of our nervous system that control the bodily functions that lead to anxiety. Because these fragrances contain enzymes that can help control this part of our brain, their effects have been clinically proven in many cases.

Lavender, for example, has also recently been shown to have aroma therapeutic properties that can help people suffering from mild depression to alleviate their symptoms in some cases!


We have been turning to scented candles for aromatherapy treatments for generations not without reason. A candle with a good quality fragrance can do wonders to soothe away the fatigue of a long day's work with its flickering flame. Try as many fragrances as possible to find the one that gives you the best results!