Why Does My Scented Candle Not Smell?

Why Does My Scented Candle Not Smell?


As an experienced candle maker, you might have reached the point where your process is already smooth and successful most of the time. If you know the technique and invest in the good quality materials, it is not that difficult as it might have seemed at first. But even then, sometimes your candles might end up worse than usual. It can be something about what it looks like or what it smells like. Making amazing scented candles without the actual good scent is pretty much pointless. In this article, we are going to cover the issues with your candle’s scent. So why does your candle not smell as much as you would expect it? Let’s see what you need to know about the issue!

What can affect the scent?

First of all, you should know the special expressions to make it easier for you to learn from the available resources on candle making topic. The most important is the scent throw which describes the strength of the scent. We can talk about hot throw if the candle is lit and cold throw if not yet lit. With this information, you can look for different causes and solutions to the problem. However, below you can find the most important things that can affect your candle’s scent.

Moving on to practical thoughts, it is quite obvious that the added essential or fragrance oil has the biggest effect on a candle’s scent. You have to be thorough regarding both quality and quantity. Choosing good quality ingredient is important throughout the whole process, so the same goes for purchasing quality oils. Also, you have to be aware how much you have to use based on the amount of wax you are using in each process. You should also keep in mind that different wax types have different fragrance load percentages so make sure to look them up. That also means that with some wax, you will have to use more oil to reach the desired scent.

Also, you have to take into consideration the correct temperatures. As a rule of thumb, you should add your chosen oils at 185F. After that, it is important to stir it well and let it mix perfectly.

As you can see, the reasons for the problem are quite simple and obvious. But what if you did everything right and still ended up with a bad candle?

To begin with, it’s advised to let your candle cure for as long as it is required based on the used wax. You might feel that the scent is not strong enough at first, but will get better in a few days.

Also, the size of the wick can also affect the scent. It might sound interesting at first, but you should always pay attention to that as well. In case you don’t feel that your scent throw is quite right, you might want to try adjusting your wick.

Lastly, you should store your candles correctly to avoid losing their scent. This means that you should keep the lid on and store in a cold and dark place.

As you can see above, by choosing and measuring your oils incorrectly, you can end up with less strong throw. Apart from that, it is worth examining your candle wick and paying extra attention to storing methods. This way you can avoid errors in the future and keep on making amazing and good quality candles.