Why is my candle wick popping ?

Why is my candle wick popping ? - Suffolk Candles

We want you to visualize something. After a long day at work, you draw yourself a bath. You dim the lights and light up a scented candle for an aromatherapy session. However, right when you let out your first AAHHH, you hear your candle wick make a crackling sound. As you open your eyes, you witness the sad reality of your candle wick popping and burning erratically. The scene's not so therapeutic now, is it?

So, why do candles sometimes pop? More importantly, how can you solve this dilemma? Well, we have a very interesting brief planned for today that will explain to you just that. So, without any further ado, let's dive right in!

What May Cause Your Candle to Pop and Crackle?

Here are three reasons that might cause your candle wick to crackle all of a sudden:

Moisture & Impurities

Whether you left your candle uncovered for a long time or doused its flame with water the last time you used it, chances are that its wick has collected dust, moisture, or grime all over it. A symptom of such a dirty wick is that it takes too long to burn and emits soot upon finally catching flame.

Talking about catching flame, as your candle burns, these impurities will start to make their way down the wick. Soon, they will mix up with the wax, and now, your candle will start to make a popping sound and boast an irregular flame.

A Wick That is Too Long

Do you know you should always keep your wicks trimmed to a neat 1/4 inch? This is because a tall wick will retain carbon each time it burns. Soon, you'll be left with a mushroomed wick that burns unevenly and makes a popping sound when lit.

Faulty Manufacturing

This one's for all our friends who have a candle store to their name. Please make your candles in a temperature-regulated environment. Otherwise, your candle may end up boasting air bubbles in its wax. These bad boys will pop when your client lights their candle. And trust us, they won't be too happy about it!

How To Prevent a Candle Wick from Popping?

candle wick popping

We can all agree that a popping candle is not a pleasant sight, right? Well, here are two measures that you can take to prevent this crackling situation:

Move Your Candle

Is the candle in your bathroom the one that's popping? Well, a bathroom is one of the wettest places in the house. And, as we previously said, moisture and candles don't really vibe well. So, consider moving your candle to a drier area.

Cover Your Candle

You should also consider buying candles that come with a lid. This covering will prevent your candle from being exposed to impure elements while it isn't in use.

Groom Your Candle

Finally, you should always keep your candle wick trimmed. We also recommend cleaning it before lighting it up to get rid of all the dirt on the wick.

With that set, we'd like to roll the curtains on this article. We hope that it was an informative read. See you in the comments section!