New products, New ideas, New Year!

New products, New ideas, New Year!

Hello and welcome to 2023 - a bit late to the party I know.  

I've been taking a moment, a pause, just to have a little think about the direction of my products & candles and whether I'm happy with the quality of everything. I've decided to have a bit of an overhaul, chuck out products & ideas I'm not happy with and have a bit of a reset for 2023, there maybe a few products you've enjoyed which you may  no longer be able to get, so I apologise for that.  Certain issues with products going in and out of stock, deliveries etc, you know the score in the current world.  Things aren't quite as easy to get hold of/and/or prices have gone up drastically or certain things just aren't available.

I digress - So a bit of a catch up, getting all of the branding cohesive and up to date, trying new scents, settling on different suppliers, waxes, wicks - all sorts!  After extensive testing we're back!

New Lavender Candle gift sets to be launched very shortly, something I've been working on for a while - essentially your own personal lavender spa in a box!

lavender sleep gift set

New labels, new candles, new reed diffusers - It's all happening!

I've also started creating YouTube videos for any one that's interesting in creating handmade candles at home or starting a little side hustle.  Link to my channel below:

Lots to look forward to, new goals and plenty of ideas, just lacking the time to implement them all. But a big thank you to everyone who's bought something from me and to everyone who's left positive feedback - it truly means a lot to me :)