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Best essential and fragrance oils for candles

When you are making candles, the main goal is usually to make it personal and special. No matter whether you make them as gifts for family and friends or you have business plans, you have to make unique candles. Usually, you can achieve one of a kind candles by colouring and adding different fragrance to your wax. In this article I collected the most popular and best essential and fragrance oils for candle making.

What are essential and fragrance oils?

First things first, you need to know a few things about fragrance oils in general. Fragrance oils are scented oils which are made to be added to certain products in order to make them smell nice. They are either natural or synthetic and are used for candles, soaps and air fresheners. You should also know that there are essential oils, which are pretty similar to fragrance oils. The difference is that essential oils are always natural as they are extracted from plants with different methods. Essential oils have been proven to ease anxiety and can relieve a lot of symptoms to learn more check out this article.

You add these oils to your melted wax during the candle making procedure. It is worth knowing that you can actually mix essential and fragrance oils in the same wax, it is an acceptable method. But you should be aware of the different use of certain scents in order to create the desired candle. However, if you do not feel like mixing oils and experimenting, you can always rely on unique and really popular fragrance oils. Let’s see the best ones out there!

Best essential oils

best essential oils

Starting with essential oils, you can find a list of the most popular and widely used essential oils for candle making. With all this information, you can easily decide which oils to choose for your specific candles.


No wonder why vanilla is one of the most popular fragrance oil which you can find in several varieties. Vanilla is a gentle fragrance with a hint of cream and bourbon. You can create a comforting and relaxing atmosphere with this sweet oil.


Similarly to vanilla, coconut also has a creamy and buttery scent which immediately takes you to a sandy beach by the sea. It can relieve stress and make you daydream about your next vacation. It is a great choice for candles in the bedroom or bathroom as well.


As rose is one of the most popular flowers, it is easy to understand why rose fragrance oil is one of the best choice when making candles. You will surely end up with a classic and elegant scent with notes of grass and green leaves. You can easily make the best valentine-day’s candle with some rose fragrance.


I believe we all know that lavender is used to relieve stress and anxiety and calm nerves. Besides having a relaxing scent, this fragrance can also make you sleep better so it’s great for people with sleep problems too. This obviously makes your lavender candle the best choice for the bedroom.


Fragrance oils using sandalwood are known to have a fresh and bright scent with a woody base note. It can be perfectly mixed with a citrus or floral scent. Its alluring and captivating aroma will make a unique atmosphere in your living room or bedroom.

Best fragrance oils

best fragrance oils for candles

Moving on to fragrance oils, there are a few basic ones which you should definitely purchase for your candle making process. They will make your process faster as you won’t have to experiment and mix with all those essential oils. Additionally you can check out our other article where we go over the best fragrance oils & websites.

Fresh Linen

It might sound strange at first, but the scent of freshly washed clothes is really everyone’s favourite. Usually, they resemble musky floral and citrus notes which are really energizing and comforting at the same time. You can really recall some amazing childhood memories when using this special scent.


I don’t have to explain it to anyone why Christmas fragrance oils are also incredibly popular, especially around the holidays. They combines the aroma of cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla, sometimes mixed with orange and pine. Its cosy and warm atmosphere will send you straight to Christmas wonderland. This makes Christmas-scented candles perfect gifts for the holidays.


You can find several beach themed fragrance oils with different ingredients and tones. Basically, there are two bigger groups of them. Firstly, you can find sweeter fragrances with the aroma of coconut and sweet tropical fruits. Secondly, there are more tangy oils which use citrus aromas, cactus notes and sea salt. They all bring an ozonic freshness and a calming atmosphere.


Fragrance oils designed for meditation are most commonly used during yoga, meditation and times when we seek peace and quiet. They are usually mixed by using natural aromas creating and earthy scent. With ingredients such as frankincense, sandalwood and amber, they will inspire meditation and lift your mood easily. We also have a great meditation candle, soothing and relaxing, click here to buy.

If you are also surprised by how many oils you can find out there, you might want to purchase a starter pack for your candle making process. In this case, you should definitely choose a bigger supplier with a wider product supply. Below you can find a list of great suppliers which might be worth looking up:

Craftovator have a great range or premium fragrance oils that pack a punch, the quality is great, delivery and service top notch too!  As an added bonus you can also collect points which you can use as a discount which makes a difference on regular purchases.

The fragrance oils are about mid range in terms of expense but the quality is good!  I've tried cheaper fragrance oil companies before and just ended up with rubbish candles. I buy a good selection of fragrance oils from this company as well as wicks!

Fresh skin might be my go to fragrance oil and essential oil company due to the prices and quality.  Prices simply can't be matched, 1 litre fragrance oil is usually £30, which is insane these days.  The fragrance oil range they have is fairly substantial and the fragrances are decent quality, some better than others - but that maybe subjective.

Postage is maybe a little slower but it's included in the price so you can't complain, using Royal Mail 48.  If you're organised enough you shouldn't be in a rush ;)

The essential oil range they have is also fantastic and cheap as a company I love them and use them the most!

As you can see from this list, there are endless options for you to create the most unique candles. This will make your hobby more enjoyable and creative as you can make special scents from scratch. However, if you would like to make a business out of candle making, you might want to spare some time. In that case, you should opt for fragrance oils which delivers complex scents prepared for you. So you only have to decide whether you would like to use your creative side or rather speed up your process. The choice is yours, but one thing is for sure: you can’t go wrong with the most popular and best essential and fragrance oils.