Best citronella candles

Best citronella candles

As summer arrives, so do the swarms of pesky mosquitoes in our gardens. Citronella candles are a popular choice for keeping these biting insects at bay with their natural repellent properties.

This article will guide you through selecting the finest citronella candles to enhance your outdoor experience, free from unwanted guests. Keep reading and say goodbye to bugs!

best citronella candles

Key Takeaways - Best citronella candles

  • Citronella candles are effective natural insect repellents, ideal for use during outdoor activities in summer to keep mosquitoes away.
  • Look out for features such as long burn time and the type of container—metal tins, glass jars, or ceramic pots—to match your needs and outdoor décor preferences.
  • Certain citronella candles offer additional aromatherapy benefits with essential oils like lavender or eucalyptus, enhancing the atmosphere while deterring pests.
  • Sizes of citronella candles vary from small tea lights to larger jar options; choose based on the duration you require protection and the size of your space.
  • When selecting a candle for either indoor or outdoor spaces, consider sturdy containers that prevent tipping over and provide longer-lasting enjoyment without interruptions from bugs.

Citronella candles are made with citronella oil which is the result of the distillation of certain types of lemongrasses. The most common lemongrass is called Cymbopogon Nardus, so most likely that is the one you will find on the label of citronella candles. They are naturally light yellow, but obviously some brands tend to use some colouring additives to vary the colours. The most common is to make jar candles of it, but you can easily find tealight candles with citronella scent as well.

Top Picks for Best Citronella Candles

We have carefully selected the top citronella candles for you, including the Chatsworth's, Octo, Yankee and of course my own Citronella Candles. Each candle offers unique features to suit your needs for outdoor pest control.

1. Chatsworth Citronella Candles (4 pack)

chatsworth citronella candle

Customers say

Customers like the effect on flies, smell and value of the candle. They mention that it smells good, it's value for money and that it arrived quickly in great condition. Customers are also happy with appearance.

Our Verdict

Great value for money because you get 4 candles, strong scent, simple candle, does the job!

2. OCTŌ Citronella Candle

Octo Citronella Candle

Customers Say

This candle (Citronella) smells fabulous and so natural. I originally bought it to keep flies at bay in the house but it's got a bit cooler and the flies have gone but the scent is so nice I keep burning the candle anyway.

Our Verdict

A simple design, beautiful natural essential oils within this candle which make it a little more expensive, but you know its natural. Made from Soy Wax and Pure Essential oils it boasts aromatherapy benefits too.

3. Yankee Candle Outdoor Citronella

Yankee citronella candle

Customers say

Customers like the appearance and smell of the candle. They mention it's beautiful and brilliant. A very strong very Smokey cancel which keeps these flying bugs at bay!

Our verdict

This candle comes in a beautiful decorative pot, a potent smelling candle which will keep the flies away the only downside is Yankee use paraffine wax which can be harmful due to toxins released. 

My citronella candles

suffolk candles citronella

Personally, I really like citronella candles as they can be used for many things, as you can see now. However, when it comes to the scent of it, I usually like to spice it up a little bit. With a few more added essential oils, you can create a very unique fragrance which is nice to have even indoors.

Unique citronella scent

Our citronella candles are hand made in a small studio in Suffolk, each candle is hand poured, measured and carefully craft. We use a blend of Citronella essential oils and a hit of Lavender, a calming & uplifting scent that keeps away the bugs.

This citronella candle is available as a jar candle.

The wax we use is a soy & coconut blend which provides a safe natural alternative to paraffin wax with long burning capabilities whilst using a sustainable source.

With this, it is a safe and really practical solution for both indoors and outdoors. Furthermore, they are really nice decorations as well, which is just an added bonus.

suffolk candles citronella


Benefits of citronella candles

To begin with, it is always useful to know what benefits citronella candles have. This is not just the bug repellent effect which most people know about.

Citronella candles also have beneficial effects on your body and mind, as well as your environment when using indoors. Therefore, it can be a great choice if you know its benefits and pros of using them.

But without this information you might miss out on its most important advantages!

Bug repellent

bug repellent candle

First of all, we all know that citronella candles can repel insects and bugs. If you’ve ever wondered how that happens, let me explain.

Studies show that the relatively strong scent of citronella can actually disguise the human scents which would otherwise attract mosquitoes. This is the basic explanation behind it.

This means that lighting citronella candles can be a great idea when you are hosting outdoor parties or barbecues during summer. While nothing is more annoying than suffering from the mosquitoes as you are trying to enjoy a nice summer evening, getting rid of them is not easy.

When it comes to using citronella candles as bug repellents, one of the most important points of view is the fact that this option is the most natural alternative.

Compared to the store-bought products and sprays with chemicals, citronella candle is the only non-toxic choice out there. This also means that by choosing to light citronella candles, you are not only protecting your health, but also the environment.

So it is really a great choice for those who are more aware of their health and our environment as well.

Air freshener

With this in mind, you can see why citronella candles are so popular during summertime. Avoiding mosquitoes is the number one reason for using these candles.

However, it is not only advised for outdoor use, but indoors as well. Not many people know but they can actually be really useful when it comes to cleaning and refreshing the air and eliminating unwanted odours in your home.

So in case you have similar issues at home, it is worth giving it a try. This is extremely true if you like cooking pretty often or if you have pets at home. These can worsen the air quality of your home and leave a rather unpleasant odour behind.


Let’s see what else you can use citronella candles for! Apart from its effect on the air and surrounding environment, they actually have quite a few health benefits as well. As they are mostly only known as its bug repellent effect, it is worth knowing more about its effect on your health.

Effects on your mood

As other citrus scented candles, citronella candles are great when it comes to lifting your mood and boosting your energy. Shortly after lighting a citronella candle indoors, you can quickly feel more energetic and fresher.

So, citronella candles can also come in handy when you will have a rough day at work and feel a little drained. In connection with that, it is also worth knowing that citrus scented candles are also widely use to relieve stress and help you relax. So regardless of whether you want to calm down or rather boost your energy, citrus-based candles can always help you.


Another really important health benefit is its anti-inflammatory effect which means it can help you relieve pain, regardless of whether it’s stomach problems, headaches, or joint pain. Therefore, it might be a good idea to light citronella candles in case you have similar issues and give it a try.

Best citronella candles

Now that you know how many benefits – health and otherwise – citronella candles have, you will simply have to purchase one. But how can you know which one is the best out there? Let’s see how you can decide!

Quality of Citronella

First of all, always choose good quality candles! This means that both the candle wax and the added essential oils are good quality. This is indicated on the price of the candle, as well as the ingredient list.

Regarding price, obviously you don’t have to buy the single most expensive candles out there, as it would be a luxury. However, it is always safer to not choose the cheapest one either.

Chances are that the producer doesn’t make them with quality ingredients as it wouldn’t be worth it. Regarding the ingredients, try to choose clean candles without any unnecessary ingredients on the label. This will ensure that you avoid inhaling any chemicals or toxic elements.

Secondly, spend some time on choosing candles made of soy wax or coconut wax. Unlike paraffin, they are clean options which doesn’t release any chemical compounds while burning.

Furthermore, they are also better for our environment. Lastly, soy wax and coconut wax are also vegan which means that they have even less effect on our environment.

Type of Citronella

Apart from quality, choosing the right type of candle will also determine the comfortable way of using them. Basically, citronella candles are used to repel insects outdoors and clean the air indoors.

With this in mind, it is safe to say that they are most likely used for longer period of times. Therefore, it is advised to choose jar candles which last longer. Also, they are safer to use, so you don’t have to worry about fire hazard as much.

Of course, you can also choose tealight candles if that is your favourite option. However, using the jar candles might be the smarter choice in this case – simply because they last longer.

After all this information, it is safe to say that citronella candles can be used due to their various advantages and health benefits. If you manage to choose a good quality option, you will be able to enjoy it for long hours without any added chemicals. Lighting a citronella candle this way is truly beneficial for your health and your home as well. So, it might be worth purchasing a few for your home and keep some for the summer period as well.


1. What makes citronella candles so good for outdoor use?

Citronella oil candles are perfect for the outdoors because they act as natural bug repellent, keeping mosquitos and other pests away from your patio or garden.

2. Can I find different types of citronella candles for my backyard?

Yes, you can choose from a variety of outdoor citronella candles like jar candles, tea light candles, candle sticks, and even patio candle holders to match your outdoor décor.

3. Are citronella wax candles effective at repelling insects during summer evenings?

Absolutely! Citronella wax candles release a scent that is a natural insect repellent, making them ideal for bug control during warm summer nights.

4. Is it safe to use these outdoor mosquito repellent candles around food and pets?

Citronella oil is a natural ingredient used in these outdoor pest control candles; they're generally safe when used responsibly around food areas and pets.

5. How long do citronella candle sticks last when lit outside?

The burn time can vary but most high-quality citronella candle sticks are designed to last several hours to ensure your evening remains free from mosquitoes and bugs.