Cheapest ways to make your house smell amazing

Cheapest ways to make your house smell amazing

It’s natural that we want our home to smell amazing. Imagine that after a never ending workday, you are finally home, opening the door and as you enter, your nose is filled up with the smell of fresh flowers and calming herbs. You can leave all your stress behind and become relaxed and energetic again.

There are lot of pricey options, like automatic air cleaners, as well as less healthy or even toxic ones. But believe me, there are many options out there that would not cost a fortune, and would also be safe for your health. With the following tips and practices you can make your home smell as amazing as you can imagine. Let’s see together what are the cheapest ways to make your house smell amazing.


cheap ways to fragrance your house

Candles have been with us since the Ancient Romans as they helped our ancestors to navigate in the dark. Nowadays, we are using them as decoration but there is another side of them, as they can be scented too.

There are two options in the case of candles: you can buy scented ones from the stores or you can make your own! Making our own could be the cheaper option if you are planning to use them regularly and of course, you can design them to perfectly fit your senses. In this case, there are many options to add your favourite scent to the wax. You can add herbs or essential oils into the melted solution.

However, making candles is not as easy as it sounds like and you have to take it seriously if you decide to go for it. So for people who don’t feel like researching the right ingredients and processes, buying candles would be the safest choice.

Reed diffusers

cheap reed diffuser home fragrance

Another easy and cheap way to make your home the place where you can flow on the waves of essence is using reed diffusers. Reed diffusers are basically reed sticks placed in scented oil.

These sticks have a big advantage over candles as they can emit their essences without lighting them. You just leave them in your kitchen or living room in a vase as a decoration and you have almost the same result as scented candles. You can either purchase them or make your own one at home.

They are a good option for those who would like a long-lasting natural scent without fire hazard or chemical compounds.


Potpourri homemade fragrance

Potpourri is a mixture of dried herbs, spices, leaves, flowers and oils that can scent a room perfectly. It can be made of a whole lot of different types of ingredients that can be found even in your garden! They are cheap option to make your house smell amazing and you can even choose to make your own.

If you’d like to make your own potpourri, you simply have to choose your dry ingredients and pair the essences according to your favourite scents. You can let your ingredients dry on a cardboard which is a really easy and quick method. In this case, make sure that they are separated and have enough airflow to dry nicely. It could take about 2 weeks, depending on what type of elements you are using.

If they are dry as much as required, you can put them in a jar or a sealed bag. Put a few drops of essential oil on your dry ingredients and seal the container. Let it rest up to 5-6 weeks. It should be enough time for the scents to come together. After that, you can open your container anytime and let that wonderful scent wander around. Not to mention, potpourri in a jar can be a beautiful accessory of your room.

All things considered, they are one of the most natural options for you, but the scent of it might not last as long as with the other possibilities.

Essential and fragrance oils

essential oils for home fragrance

Another fully natural option would me to choose your favourite essential or fragrance oils. First thing first, you should know the difference between them. Essential oils are derived from plants or herbs, they are fully natural and consist of the scent of one single plant, such as lemon or rose. Fragrance oils are made by mixing several essential oils, creating unique scents such as Christmas fragrance oil.

If you purchase your favourite ones, there are several ways to make your house smell amazing with them. You can put a few drops on a small piece of wood or cardboard and place them in your rooms. Alternatively, you can make a natural and non-toxic air spray with them.

Air fresheners

home fragrance air freshner

There are so many type of air fresheners, you could probably spend days or weeks to choose the perfect one. You can find the old-school spray option, automatic ones, electric plug-in options and diffusers as well. However, the use of air fresheners is pretty controversial as many people are worried about the toxic additives in them and how they harm the environment as well. So let’s see what you need to know about them.

The biggest advantage of them is the super easy use, meaning that most of them simply have to be stored in the chosen room and will keep it fresh and scented. Also, they come without fire hazard, which is a disadvantage of using candles for many people. On the other hand, they can contain toxic elements which are not good for your health. Even if that is not the case, there is a higher risk of allergic reactions than with simply natural options.

All in all, it can be a cheap and lazy solution, but make sure to check the ingredients and choose the least harmful one.

With this list, you can now see how many ways there are to make your house smell amazing. The decision is up to you and your preferences, whether you would like the most natural, the easiest or the most long-lasting one. Either way, your house will definitely smell amazing!