How to make candle tops smooth? ( Easy fix )

How to make candle tops smooth?


As with most products or even gifts, aesthetics is one of the most important feature. No matter whether you are making candles as gifts or as products, it is crucial to end up with good quality products that look professional. However, it is not always so easy. If you don’t know all the details necessary about the proper methods and processes, you might end up with a not so pretty candle. The most common issues are bumps, sink holes, cracks or wet spots. These can easily ruin your candles but with some attention you can avoid all these problems. If you experienced any of these issues, this post is for you! So let’s see how to make candle tops smooth.

Reasons of bumpy candles and how to avoid it

Let’s start by learning what can cause an uneven top so you can avoid all these mistakes. Firstly, if you don’t work with correct pouring temperatures, it can easily cause bumps in your candles. So, keep in mind to always use a thermometer during the process. A warm pouring temperature is important but not as high as the melting point.

Secondly, if you use too much essential or fragrance oil, it can cause problems too. Also, if your added oils are not totally mixed in your wax, that might be an issue too. Some candle makers also say that certain oils – or even fragrances – might result less smooth candle tops. You don’t always know why, so you have to experiment a little and remember which ones worked best for you.

Also, you should avoid stirring your wax too much as it can result in more air bubbles. Even though, you have to mix your oils thoroughly, stirring too much can be the reason of your problems too. So you have to find the golden middle.

Lastly, you should pour your wax slowly into the jars and then let them cool in room temperature.

How to fix it?

Unfortunately, even if you do everything correctly, sometimes you can end up with rough candle tops. So if you did your part and it still didn’t work out, you must know how to fix it! There are more than one tricks that you can try.

One way would be to let your candle completely cool and then pour a few millimetres of melted wax on top of it again. Alternatively, if you don’t want to make another batch of melted wax, you can try using your hairdryer or a heat gun to smooth the top of your candle. By slightly melting the wax on the top, it can become more even and smooth.

As you can see, ending up with a smooth candle top is a tricky question. Your process can go wrong pretty easily, even if you do everything perfectly. So make sure to follow all the rules of the process to end up with smooth candle tops. And if it doesn’t work out, you can still fix it with some heat!