Is Coconut Wax Good For Candles 

Is Coconut Wax Good For Candles 


Coconuts offer a wide variety of advantages over other fruits and thus are generally regarded as a source of multiple health and nutrition benefits. But is that all this fruit provides? Certainly not! 

Coconuts are popularly used for all of their constituent parts, including the fruit itself, the juice it holds, the oil made from it, and so on. In the field of candles and waxes, coconut wax - made from coconut oil- with its sustainability- has taken the world by storm. Apart from the numerous ways using coconuts in resins ensures the integrity of the nature of the wax, it also holds significance in the long-lastingness of the product. 

Have you ever wondered.... how to store your candle wax properly ?  It's expensive, so it's important to store it correctly.

But how is coconut wax suitable for candles? To find out, let’s dive further into this article. 

  • Slow burning

Coconut wax candles are extremely slow burners, with an exceptional scent compared to other waxes. They have a remarkable ability to burn evenly and slowly, which makes them last way longer than the other candles. 

This ability also allows them to hold their fragrances for a considerable length of time.

  • Environment Friendly

Coconut wax is composed of organic materials, one of the most eco-friendly waxes in the market, which can easily be bio-degraded. It’s a tropical-looking candle with no soot in the flame, making it sustainable for most of the part. 

Coconuts obtained for coconut waxes do not promote deforestation either, for the coconut oil industry has found many ways to get their work done without harming nature. 

You can comfortably enjoy the scent without worrying about the harmful impacts on nature. 

  • Non-GMO Product 

Coconut wax happens to be a non-genetically modified organism product. One of the relatively few fruits left that have not been genetically modified to grow out yet, which wipes out any possibility of them and any product manufactured through them being toxic, coconuts are grown naturally with no herbicide or pesticide involvement whatsoever.

Being non-genetically modified also entirely automatically deals with the risk of coconut waxes being sooty and smudgy.

  • Breathtaking Scent 

The essential oils in the coconut waxes give it an excellent scent throw, filling up your entire place with your favourite fragrance right when you light the candle. Coconut waxes have also proven themselves perfect for those who enjoy aromatherapy with their breath-taking scent. 

  • Excellent Adhesion 

The quality of having a remarkable adhesion vouches for the fact that coconut waxes are generally used for blending waxes to produce waxes of better quality and aroma. 

It is also considered the healthiest wax out there among all the other waxes for it has a clean burning.  

Bottom line 

Coconut waxes are the least messy waxes out there, highly recommended to use by all those who are all about candles and waxes. Besides being smudge-free, in case quality is a core determiner for you, coconut waxes require fewer ingredients, which means you can make your very own coconut wax at home, allowing you to get your money’s worth of candles. 

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