Income report December 2023

Income report December 2023

Struggling to turn your craft into cash? This December, I made a surprising £6,734 just from selling candles online. In this post, I’ll unwrap the secrets behind my successful month and share how you can light up your sales too.

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Key Takeaways

  • In December, candle sales on Amazon FBA reached £6,734 with 383 units sold, passing the initial goal of selling 200 units.
  • Preparation was key to success; starting in October and November ensured a diverse stock was ready for the high demand during the festive season.
  • Aside from Amazon FBA, revenue streams included £28 from blogging with aspirations to join Media Vine, £10.10 from YouTube earnings and plans to ramp up content creation, and £957 in direct Shopify sales.
  • The total profit made in December was an impressive £3,116 after calculating costs and expenses.
  • Growth strategies moving forward include restocking popular candles on Amazon FBA, expanding wholesale partnerships, enhancing social media engagement, improving customer experience and diversifying income sources.


Financial Success in Selling Candles in December

Achieving a gross sales of £6,734 on Amazon FBA in December was a major win for my small candle business. With 383 units sold, I surpassed my initial sales goal and attribute this success to careful preparation and stock availability in the months leading up to December.

Gross sales on Amazon FBA reached £6,734

December was a standout month for my small business, as the candle-making venture saw gross sales on Amazon FBA soar to £6,734. This impressive sum came from customers flocking to purchase my aromatic creations, showcasing appreciation and demand during the festive season.

The spike in sales didn't just happen by chance; it was the result of strategic planning and effective product photography that captured each candle's unique charm.

Efficient advertising played its part too. By cutting ad spending down to £200-£250, profitability got a significant boost without compromising visibility or customer reach. Thanks to these efforts and the support of loyal buyers across social media platforms, we not only hit but exceeded our monthly goal – moving 383 units when we aimed for only 200.

Next up: let's explore how diversified revenue streams contributed further to this success story.

Sold a total of 383 units, surpassing the initial goal

The candle market was on fire in December, and my little enterprise shone brightly. With a goal of selling 200 units for the month, I was thrilled to see numbers almost double that.

A staggering 383 candles flew off the virtual shelves, thanks to keen customers on Amazon FBA looking for that perfect flickering gift or personal treat during the festive season.

This achievement didn't happen by chance. October and November saw me busily crafting and curating a diverse range of scents and colours in preparation for the high demand. This meticulous planning paid off; not only did it help me surpass sales targets but also ensured there were enough candles to satisfy customer needs well into December—until they all sold out by the 20th.

Next up: let's dive into how these sales translated into revenue streams across different platforms!

Preparation and stock availability in October and November


  • Kicked off production early in October by sourcing materials in bulk, which included waxes, wicks and fragrances from trusted suppliers.
  • Crafted a variety of candles every day to build up a diverse inventory that would appeal to a wide range of customers.
  • Managed my time effectively to balance candle making with running the e - commerce side of the business.
  • Monitored sales trends closely to forecast which scents and sizes were likely to be bestsellers during the holiday season.
  • Ran several test batches to ensure consistent quality across all products before they hit the market.


Revenue Streams and Monetisation

The blog income and aspirations for Media Vine have been steadily growing, with plans to increase content output on YouTube. Shopify sales have also been successful, with long-term goals in place for further expansion.

Blog income and aspirations for Media Vine

Blog income for December came in at £28, a small dip from the previous month's earnings. Despite this slight decrease, ambitions are high to level up monetisation strategies. A key goal is to become a part of Media Vine.

To do so, it's crucial to achieve 50,000 monthly views—a milestone that will unlock new revenue opportunities.

Boosting content on the blog is a major focus right now. By crafting engaging printer reviews and other related articles, there’s potential to grow affiliate revenue streams further.

Driving more traffic directly to the personal website remains top priority, aiming to reduce dependency on Amazon FBA and create a more diverse income portfolio whilst managing taxes and keeping prices competitive.

Shopify sales and long-term goals

Shopify became a significant player for my candle business in December, contributing £957 to the monthly revenue. I pocketed an impressive profit of about £382 after costs. This success proved that customers enjoy buying directly from creators and value a more personal shopping experience.

Looking ahead, driving traffic to my website is essential for paving the way towards financial independence from marketplaces like Amazon FBA. Shifting focus to my platform will allow me to forge stronger customer relationships and build a brand that stands on its own two feet, without the fees and competition on external platforms.

My aim is clear: grow site visits steadily and create an online haven where candle enthusiasts flock for their favourite scents.

Wholesale sales and pop-up candle stall revenue

Wholesale deals with local shops brought in £280 for my candles this December. I kept my margins between 25%-30%, which translated to about £80 of profit from these partnerships.

It was a hustle but worth the extra income stream.

Setting up a candle stall at a nearby pub proved to be another smart move, generating an unexpected £162 in sales. Customers loved the personal touch and the festive scents, making it quite the hit for holiday shoppers seeking unique gifts.

Total profit for the month and business reinvestment plans

In December 2023, the business achieved a total profit of £3,116, marking a significant increase from the previous month's earnings of £1,687. The plan for business reinvestment involves restocking Amazon inventory, focusing on effective marketing strategies for current products and dedicating resources to develop new ones.

Reinvesting profits is pivotal in sustaining growth and expanding the candle-selling venture.

The strategy emphasises consistency as a cornerstone for driving success in this enterprise. Encouragement is given to pursue business goals without hesitation while maintaining a keen focus on prudent financial management and strategic reinvestment plans.

Audience Growth and Future Plans

Continued growth in YouTube and website audience, along with plans for restocking and business development. To find out more about my December candle selling success and future plans, keep reading!

YouTube and website audience growth

YouTube earnings for the month experienced a notable increase, reaching £10.10. The channel also saw a 75-subscriber boost within 28 days, bringing the total subscriber count to 1,552.

On the website front, there was a steady increase in traffic with 15,500 unique views – marking a 3% rise from the previous month.

These figures are indicative of positive growth and engagement among our digital audience.

Restocking and business development plans


  1. Restocking Amazon inventory: The plan is to replenish Amazon FBA stock with popular candles that have proven to sell well.
  2. Introducing new products: Investigating the market for potential new candle scents or designs that can appeal to a broader audience.
  3. Expanding wholesale partnerships: Seeking out new opportunities for wholesale distribution of candles in local gift shops and boutiques.
  4. Strengthening social media presence: Focus on engaging with followers on social platforms, such as Instagram and Facebook, to build brand recognition.
  5. Improving customer experience: Identifying areas of improvement in customer service and delivery processes to enhance overall satisfaction.
  6. Market analysis and trend monitoring: Continuously researching consumer preferences and trends within the candle industry to stay ahead of the competition.
  7. Diversifying revenue streams: Exploring options for additional monetisation through affiliate marketing or collaborations within the home fragrance niche.