Income Report October 2023

october income report

Let’s talk about money. Some of my favourite articles and videos are income reports, I haven’t done one for a while, so I thought why not, let’s do it. I’ll go over how much YouTube paid me, candle sales, affiliate income, AdSense on the blog and much more.

Why do an income report

Income reports always fascinate me, it makes it feel achievable, it's fantastic seeing someone just a few steps away, I can literally feel the success round the corner and that’s what I want these videos and articles to be, if it gets some traction I’ll maybe continue it.

 I haven’t achieved my goals yet and this isn’t to brag or boast, it’s literally just an example of what I’ve been doing.

My long term goals

My big long term goal is to create a 100k a year profit business. Which is 275 pounds a day or 11 pounds an hour every hour, what I intend to do is split that into 4 revenue streams: physical candle sales, AdSense, digital products & affiliate sales. Which means I need 68 pounds from each of those daily to hit my goal.


Short term goals

Let’s talk about my current goals, these are the things I want to achieve before Feb 24. A consistent 1000 pounds profit on Amazon, at the moment I’ve got quite a few scents available but I’m trying to hone that down to a few, the ultimate goal is to make 300 sales a month on amazon which ticks off the first 68 pound a day puzzle. 

The second goal is to get 500 page views a day on my blog, taking it to 15k a month at the moment it’s only monetized via AdSense but the ultimate goal is to apply for media vine once I get to 50k views a month. 

And the third short term goal is to get this channel to 2k subscribers.

Fourth goal is to get my Pinterest monthly views up to 150k.


Goals and plans set, let's talk money.

How much I made in October 23'

In the month of October I sold almost 200 candles, total revenue 3450 and a gross profit of 1100 which is a brilliant margin of 31%. 5 refunds during that time which is a little annoying but Amazon provides refunds for literally any reason. Shopify I sold 16 candles with a total gross revenue of 185 pounds which leaves us with about 85 pounds profit. All in all this is great, I’ve recently taken some time out of making and selling candles and it takes time to get the Amazon beast rolling. 

YouTube Income is a whopping 6.94 dollars but that's up compared to last month which was 4 dollars, so consistent uploads are paying off!

Affiliate income: 13 items sold, total of 6.89 - I did have some articles ranking for Amazon affiliate sales but after the recent google update I think some of my affiliate articles have been hit.

AdSense revenue on the blog - 21.40 with just over 10k page views. Obviously google AdSense isn’t the most profitable ad network for bloggers but it will do for now, I’m going to wait until I can apply for media vine. But this time last year my AdSense revenue on the blog was a couple of quid a month, so it’s going in the right direction… slowly. 

So that brings us to a grand total of 1220 - which is pretty good! Some of my projects are slow burners. I'm not expecting to get rich overnight, it is a process and it is something I’ve grown to enjoy. I used to want immediate success and try so many schemes but I’d never see them out, I’d get bored if it wasn’t an overnight success. 

october income report

That’s it for this one, I keep reminding myself you don’t know how close you are to a breakthrough, each step in the direction is an action generating new luck.