Do Scented Candles Need Lids?

Do Scented Candles Need Lids?



Making scented candle is essential if you are a candle maker or even if it’s just a hobby on the side. Apart from colouring them, this is the best way to make unique and one of a kind candles for yourself or your customers. Also, it is really fun to experiment with the scents during the process making it a truly creative hobby as well. However, you have to know many little details to end up with a long-lasting fragrance. And not only regarding the candle-making process, but some tips are needed after that too. One of the crucial points is the way you store your candle. This can affect their flame, colour and scent. These are important facts regardless whether you are a candle maker or an eager customer!

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Why you should always keep the lid that comes with your scented candle

Have you ever noticed how some candles come with this seemingly pointless lid? We know people who throw them away as soon as they make their purchase.

It's annoying trying to find a home for these lids.. once your candle is lit and making your home smell lovely, the last thing you want to do is keep your candle lid ?  But is it worth keeping ?

So if you are wondering about the right way to store your candles, this post is for you. Let’s see whether scented candles need lids!

Why do we need a lid?

Why you should always keep the lid that comes with your scented candle

First of all, you should know why you need the lid in general. Storing your candles with the lids on is important as it can protect your candle. This can protect your candle from the sunshine, the warm weather and the dust grime. Without a lid, the sun can discolour your candles making their colour fade. Furthermore, the dust and other particles in the air will stick to the top of your candle which can affect how well your candle burns. This can be an issue as they can stick to the wax rather easily. Last but not least, the lid will protect the great scent of your candle as well. Now you can see why you should always store your candles with their lids on. All in all, it can help preserving the quality of your candles.

Putting out candles with lid

Apart from being important when storing, lids have another great function that most people don’t even know about. As a matter of fact, you might be able to put out your candles with the lid. Why not simply blowing them out? Well, blowing your candle out will result in a rather unpleasant scent and smoke circulating in the room for a long time. As burning scented candle has the purpose of creating a nice fragrance in your home, this smoky scent will easily ruin it for you.

As you can see, using your lid might be a better solution - but be aware of a few things. First of all, this can be a fire hazard. So keep in mind that some lids are not made for putting out candles but only for a decorative purpose. Therefore, it is crucial to always check the material of the lid before using it this way. Plastic or wood lids definitely can’t be used for such purposes, but in every case it has to be checked for rubber seals and other parts which could melt.

All things considered, you can see that keeping the lids of your scented candles are truly important. As most candles come with their own lids, you don’t even have to purchase them separately. They are decorative and useful at the same time so make sure to keep them!